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So innocent girl❤
Joined 20 February 2019

So innocent girl❤
Joined 20 February 2019
Shivani Sahu 5 JUL AT 15:16

You're my Love,
My friend
My sweetheart,too.
My life,my all,
My dream come true
So glad I fill
In love with you!


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Shivani Sahu 4 JUL AT 16:45

Seeing you in my
Dreams makes my
Day. You will always
Be the one that I
Love from the bottom
Of my heart.


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Shivani Sahu 1 JUL AT 13:25

I could never say how
Much I like you,and
Just how special you
Are you me.but I can
Say that my world is
All smiles whenever I
Am with you. I love
You a lot❤❤


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Shivani Sahu 28 JUN AT 18:36

Tumhse He Darte Hai😵
Tum Par He Marte Hai
Tum Hi Ho Zindagi Humari😍
Tumhe Hade Se Jyda Pyaar
Karte He❤❤


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Shivani Sahu 25 JUN AT 14:58

I'am in love with you,and I'm
Not is the business of denying
Myself the simple pleasure of
Saying true things❤


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Shivani Sahu 25 JUN AT 14:54

You're always the
First and the last thing
On this heart of mine.
No matter where I go,
Or what I do, I'am
Thinking of you.


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Shivani Sahu 23 JUN AT 19:13

Pyar bhi kitna ajib hota he jisme hmm doob jaty. Hmy pta bhi nhi chalta❤❤


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Shivani Sahu 20 JUN AT 10:23

I don't know
What life is
Going to
Bring ,the
Only thing I
Know is that
I will forever
Love you❤


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Shivani Sahu 17 JUN AT 15:55

What is love???


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Shivani Sahu 13 JUN AT 18:40

I Don't Need
A Thousand Reasons
To Feel Special.
All I Need Is You
To Live In This world.
You're The Sunshine
Of My Life.


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