Shivangi Goswami (Undiscovered galaxy)

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Shivangi Goswami 27 JAN AT 19:30

Kabhi logo mai rab doondne Ke koishish ke hai
MT karna.......
Warna insaan ke saath saath rab Par se nhi bharosa uth Jaega


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Shivangi Goswami 26 JAN AT 20:18



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Shivangi Goswami 24 JAN AT 18:13

I can't afford to wrote something for the moon
So I ended up writing for a star


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Shivangi Goswami 24 JAN AT 1:08

I was afraid of falling down,
So you just broke me down into pieces
But don't you worry
I will pick up every single piece before it touch the ground


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Shivangi Goswami 21 JAN AT 18:22



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Shivangi Goswami 20 NOV 2018 AT 19:40

We always wish for new beginning...

Because we never learnt to complete the old one


And we keep wishing for it #begaining #old #new #yq #yqquote #undiscovered

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Shivangi Goswami 12 OCT 2018 AT 19:14

Sometimes I think that I am just the broken piece of the thing you left behind....


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Shivangi Goswami 12 OCT 2018 AT 19:13

Sometimes even karma can't do justice to us
Can't punish them to that extent they hurts us...


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Shivangi Goswami 27 SEP 2018 AT 19:27

Kuch baatein hamesha unkhe rah jate hai Kyuki shayad Kuch jazbaato ke saath to kalam bhi Insaaf nhi kr paate


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Shivangi Goswami 24 SEP 2018 AT 20:37

I had stories to tell you
But now I don't have enough words to say
I had scars to show
But now I just don't want to reveal them


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