Shanu Tasneem Khan 7 NOV AT 13:04

जब दीप जले आना,
जब शाम ढले आना,
संगीत भगवन का, भूल ना जाना,
सब मिल कर, खुशियां मनाना ।
जब दीप जले आना, जब शाम ढले आना ।।


Shanu Tasneem Khan 10 OCT AT 23:15

पहाड़, बर्फ, समंदर और उड़ता आसमां,
नशा है मेरे लिए ।
मैं इसमें जितना डूबता हूँ ,
उतना ही ज़्यादा होश में आता हूँ ।।


Shanu Tasneem Khan 5 OCT AT 0:57

You are not at all in Love,
until you fall for them everytime you see them, like it happened at first place.


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Shanu Tasneem Khan 1 OCT AT 17:19

return me
the cozy nights
when blankets
spread over floor,
only to find our embrace
more profound and warm.


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Shanu Tasneem Khan 29 SEP AT 14:38

Sometimes you get tired of pretending that everything is alright with you. Sometimes you may have asked for a little but it seems you have asked a whole world. Sometimes you get so shattered that you lose many pieces. And sometimes you just feel how to react because you know nothing will change..


Shanu Tasneem Khan 16 SEP AT 1:31

दुनिया की नज़रें आपको,
कई ताराज़ुओं पे तौलेंगी ।
कोशिश ये रखना कि आपकी,
माप का कोई बटखरा ही ना हो ।।


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