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Different cities, but the heart beats
each other's name despite the distance.



He stood behind me.
His breath on my skin
tickled my senses.
And he left me moaning
without any noise.



Our eyes met each other
just ten times;
but our hearts would have
whispered each other's name
more than fifty times.


25 OCT AT 21:32

My 324 Love Story

She sealed memories
of love
in between those lips.


25 OCT AT 21:28

Love is when you try to remember
the same moment for multiple times.


24 OCT AT 19:37

All it took to make me fall
was his smile.


24 OCT AT 19:22

She was dressed in red.
Powerful, poignant and impressive
yet delicate like the petals.

He was in blue.
Like how the sky holds the clouds,
he held her in his arms.

The sky showered it's love
in form of rain.


24 OCT AT 19:14

Like a pendulum,
he swayed
here and there
to get a look at me.


24 OCT AT 19:09

His charming eyes
that recited poetry to me
still echoes in my mind.


24 OCT AT 0:35

I still remember
the way he looked at me.


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