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Poetry is a simply a way of expression; just as poignant as tears or laughter.
Joined 17 August 2019

Poetry is a simply a way of expression; just as poignant as tears or laughter.
Joined 17 August 2019
16 AUG 2021 AT 23:23

Her voice is but the sweetest lie
In the song of blackbirds.
You know how they sing
Hidden in trees, out of sight
And change their song to fit your mood
Your seasons; from dark to bright?


17 JAN 2020 AT 21:59

Freeverse:Witching Hour

Yonder rises the moon—
Watch it climb higher;
And the forest nymphs
Climb up to their highest towers;
The wolves quietly shed their shadows,
When the moon silently takes her throne.

The wind starts to sing
A wicked hymn;
Blowing up from the forest floors,
Caressing ripples over quiet lakes,
Conversing with winged mists,
And cackling in the fallen leaves.

It's witching hour now—
Hark the wolves howling;
The shadows have quit their hideaways,
And taken over all and everything.
A strange humming issues forth;
Your ears catch every quiver
Of every dried leaf,
And every squirrel in every tree.

Fear not the clawing branches;
Scratching at your window pane,
They're only here as audience,
Silent as your screaming pain.
Tis a night when every pen
Will bleed onto white pages;
Tis an hour when every fear comes alive
By hushed moonlight;
And the hymns of witches.


17 JAN 2020 AT 19:01

Of Sea and Storm

On a day like any other,
Windy and sunny;
When I gazed, all curiosity,
Upon the old bearded sea;
He reflected the sun off his greyish waves,
And fleetingly blinded me.

For dreams and philosophy
Were things of the past;
The whimsical charm of curiosity
Of long longing stares at old books
In quaint bookstores or antique libraries.
That luxury of time is gone forever
Sacrificed upon the bloody altar of Modernity.

The sea grays with an incoming storm,
The seagulls are loathe to fight the wind;
They crash about whichever course may form
On the sheets of wind and sea.

When the storm has tired itself out
With one foot upon land;
There will be seashells all strewn about,
Amongst the debris of humanity.

As though it came to water a garden,
That blooms only in calamity,
When the sea spits them whole or broken
Straight into the lap of Serenpidity.
And so they come to join the rest
The woeful debris of humanity.


22 AUG 2019 AT 12:34

We built god
As our collective hallucination;
We tore him down
As a figment of our imagination,
Oh such change did time bring
This day.


18 AUG 2019 AT 16:18

When heartache without reason
Goaded an unshed tear
To commit quiet treason;
The pillow on your bed
Bore silent witness
To the cacophony of fears;
And acted willing accomplice
To this swollen tide of tears.
But alas! You've dammed them up again;
And at morning light,
A lighter heart you've feigned;
But never fear for that friend of yours,
Will never get to know,
What knows this budding little verse.


17 AUG 2019 AT 12:36

For the cobwebs of dreams will keep me awake,
And the memories that string them together.


17 AUG 2019 AT 12:15

Crow in the Rain

Full poem in caption.


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