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Joined 6 November 2017
27 NOV AT 16:27

What doesn't make sense !!!

Me : Why you have removed your dp?

He : Exams are going on.


20 OCT AT 18:03

Bitter truth:

6:00 am

Open :
Pan Shops, Tea stalls and grocery shops

Close :
Medical store, clinic, Jan Aushadhi Genric store.


19 OCT AT 18:10

What doesn't make sense!!!

When I am almost about to prove my lines or point.

From nowhere,
Opposite ones : Prespective differs.


14 OCT AT 19:08

Today's confusion

My heart : People are becoming bad.
My mind : Bad is becoming people.


12 OCT AT 19:20

To those who are saying that

"India is corrupted"
"Our nation is a land of Rapist"
"Our nation is poor"


9 OCT AT 19:21

Please Help...
(In caption)


6 OCT AT 19:18

You don't have rights to cry,
If you have not yet tried.


30 SEP AT 18:12

The Sun ask me
You want to shine like me? said.

The moon ask me
You want to glow like me? said.

The ocean ask me
You want to laugh like me? said.

The thunder ask me
You want to roar like me? I said.

Someone ask me
You want to wake up like me? I said.


26 SEP AT 16:40

What doesn't make sense !!!

Me : Thank you for following me without even
reading a single post of mine.

She : K... writer.

Me : I am not a writer.

She : matter who u r ..... it's a
quote u'r sharing ur
thoughts....K....So....K....u....r.... writer in this


21 SEP AT 16:44

"Next Please..."
(In Caption)


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