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3 SEP AT 18:05

What doesn't make sense !!!

Me : After a long time, how are you and How is
your boy-friend?

She : He is too good, he loves me and share
everything to me and he have my Insta
password he don't allow me to talk with
any boys, and if request comes, he deletes
it, he is so caring I feel blessed to have


1 SEP AT 16:10

Completing my afternoon sleep, I looked at my wall clock. It showed 3 'o' Clock.

Like always, I opened my eyes and went straight in the hall.
He was waiting for me.

"So tell me, which story would you like to hear today?"
he asked.

"Same as always" I replied.

"But now, there is no one left in your family " he said.

"I am still alive" I replied.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"Yes..." I replied.


23 AUG AT 17:08

Are you a Dholki?
(In caption)


8 AUG AT 17:00

Do you sell God?
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5 AUG AT 18:11

What doesn't make sense !!!

He : Hi.
She: Hii.

He : Can we be friends?
She: Yes, Sure.

He : So, Now we are friends, you can share anything to me.
She: Yes, thanks.

He : So...share something.
She: Right now I don't have anything to share.

He : Don't hesitate, you can share anything to me.
She: Yes, but i don't want to share anything !

He : What happened? I will not judge you, please share.
She: I don't want to share anything, can't you get it these simple words?

He : Please share, I won't share it to anyone. I will keep it as a secret.
She: Thank you very much for thinking about me ! Bye


4 AUG AT 17:22

Bitter truth :

The death toll is about 6,92,844. There is a panic and terror everywhere due to the COVID-19.

But we ignored another virus which kills 9,000,000 people every year.

If you came to know about that virus you will not get much terrorise as how you used to on hearing the name of COVID-19.

That virus is non other than "Hunger".

In every 10 seconds, a child is there whose breaths have been stopped due to this Hunger Virus.

So, can you count how many children have died after going through these above lines?


16 JUL AT 17:28

I am so poor that after finishing a packet of Kurkure, I always ends up looking for the small pieces at the corner.


11 JUL AT 16:18

चा पियोगे सा ?
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5 JUL AT 20:09

हर रोज़ हारोगे,
तभी तो हर रोज़ नाचोगे।

हर सुबह गिरोगे,
तभी तो रात तक फिर चलोगे।

अगर बोझ है कंधों पे भारी,
फिर दिमाग क्यूं खाली खाली?


2 JUL AT 15:53

You know what the darkness is like in real?

For some it is a smile,
With full of silent cries.

For some it is a night full of stars
with no moons in the sky,

For some it is an empty room
Not having even a single lit of light.

For some it is a rotation,
A rotation as simple as that of a fan.

For some it is unable to remember their self,
a face with no reflection in their hearts.


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