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A rich is the one who fears to afford the
costly gift called tear;

Knowing it will cost them the sighs
of blurry eyes, too dear to bear.


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Dreams won't remain as
dreams if we don't dream
after dream nd start to chase;

Condition is, the journey needs
to begin with a map, a compass
nd a bae called "desire to run
our own race"


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Wordbooks taught me, how "to gorge" does differ from "to gobble";

An empty stomach proved it manually today, I'm educated now.


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Solitude is neither our escape,
nor the "only option left",

Preference for a hush over
hustle-bustle, decision instead"


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Eyes with clear sight tend to avoid eye contact once in a while, albeit eyes followed by clear mindsets won't, never.


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-: Tiny Tale:-

They tore the page where my story
began, I'm lost, blubbered the lil
abandoned soul in deep pain, sitting
in an orphanage;

Well, they burned the entire book of
my life story, me too have lost my way;
Let's write a new play.
Would you be my reason to live?
What's say?

Smiled nd said the lady from an
old age home.


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Nd sometimes no human but a diary knows, it's all about what a heavy heart inks;

Sometimes the heavy words seems much weighty than the paperweight is.


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(Tiny Tale)

: Kids, name something that sounds
scary, seems spooky, the teacher said.

: "The Halloween night", all started
shouting nd clapping.

: Well, hey why are you quiet?

: I can name four ma'am.

: Yay? Say..

: Gangrape.. Hospital.. Coma.. Death..

And my sister left, he continued....


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Kho na jaye itihas me kahin unki
kahani, jinka ek apna aaj apno
ke beech nahi, humare khatir.

Desh ko apne aur apno se aage
rakhne walo, aap yaadon me
nahi, dilon me zinda ho, ek
diya aapke apno ke naam bhi.


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Well it's time for the festival of lights;;
Behold, before the world shines bright;

Light a lamp within nd warm your ribs ,
before the heart gets frozen, ignite.


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