Samriddhi "সমৃদ্ধি   (Dusky)
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Joined 30 March 2018

Behold, my nonpareil beauty
ain't my strength, my
obstinacy to be the
threshold of all the
forbiddens is;

The cosmos is within me,
I turn the amiss into a bliss,
dooms follow my

"Said the belle..


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When you're dead but people are still forwarding

Good mornings, Good nights nd "Forward this to 10 people to get a good news"
to your number;

Your spirit then to them


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Zipped lips with eyes wide open, that's me lately"


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Artists who seem to be the amateur souls, propel them,
help to fly high;
Unless it's a singing mosquito to cost you your blood later for humming lullaby


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Bf to Gf
(Being over romantic nd filmy) :
Tum jo keh do to aaj ki raat chand dubega nahi, raat ko rok lo😍

Chand 🌜nd Raat 🌌 then 👇


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She was getting wet in heavy rain, she was shivering nd stiff, it was a darksome night with bone chilling cold winds blowing along with thuderstorm last night, she stopped my car nd asked for a lift looking at me with the eyes full of faith.

Me too could have lost my senses but I wondered as she was looking like a human seeking for help but an opportunity found on an empty street, I dropped her home safe.


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Toxic tongues seem
as deadly as serpents
flare hoods nd spit
venom on the preys;
Though not all lips
spread negativity always.

Few are innoxious too to
tell their tiny tales in
order to aware instead;
Taste them with gratitude
for they got nothing in
their lives still wish to
see you getting the best.


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A single disappointment is worth thousands of dead dreams.


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Books taught me
to rely on the lines
said in reality the
most than the lines
written on pages


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Karma predicts our future much more unerringly than a clairvoyant will ever do.


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