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Joined 12 March 2018
16 JUL AT 9:06

she never know anything other than love.
for her,
love is too an art
for her,
love is a million metaphors.
she is an artist.
and her art is to love.


8 JUL AT 7:14

The one who does not know Dharma, is a fool.
The one who knows Dharma, is a Stoic.
The one who knows Dharma, but does not follow is a Stupid.
God is The one, who upholds Dharma


8 JUL AT 7:08

ధర్మం తెలియని వాడు అవివెకి,
ధర్మం తెలిసినవాడు జ్ఞాని,
ధర్మం తెలిసి పాటించని వాడు మూర్ఖుడు,
ధర్మాన్ని పాటించినవాడే దేవుడు.


22 JUN AT 11:07



23 DEC 2019 AT 8:09


somewhere between forgetting the past and dying with the memories you gave me courage to love again.


20 DEC 2019 AT 8:33

I see the beauty where everyone else only see ruin.
I look around as if i was looking at the most perfect world there could be.
I am the girl who only knew to give wholly and love fully.
I am a bird caught in a cage,
When all i wanted to do was soar.


9 DEC 2019 AT 9:42

A whole Love

I love you so deeply,
and in doing so,
I lose myself in yours ;
I surrender into your soul and see all your fears.
And love you utterly, totally, wildly.


8 DEC 2019 AT 8:22

How do I Love Thee?

When i say i love you, i don't mean just love.
But i can feel you.
I can feel evry inch and edge of you.
And i can feel smallest details of the things 'bout you.
The more closer i get, the more i feel your happiness and your pain too.


4 DEC 2019 AT 7:26

Love at first sight

When i first saw you,
i captured my soul with your gaze.
How beautiful that moment was !


28 NOV 2019 AT 8:28


I am attached to you more than one life should allow.
Are we twin flames?
And my heart whispered yes !


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