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Rituparna Nayak (Ritu)

Some stories are heavier in blood than ink - Jasmine Kaur (illustrations and personal backgrounds original)


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The blood of my baby rests between my legs. 
Sometimes it runs down my face. 

But mostly, 
it's on your hands.

26 DEC 2016 AT 22:11

ସୁଦୁର ଅତୀତର ସୁଦ୍ରୁଢ଼ ସ୍ମୃତି, 

ତୁମେ, ମୁଁ ଏବଂ ଏକ ପରିସ୍ଥିତି। 

ସେ ଅନୁରୋଧ, ସେ ଆପତ୍ତି, 

ସୁମଧୁର ସେହି ମୋର ଅନୁଭୂତି।

A quote in Odia :) I came across many quotes in languages other than Hindi and English but could not find one in my mother tongue. Odia, like many other languages, is very rich with some words that do not have a perfect translation in English. I think that is the most painful part about translation - the irreplaceable bits that get lost. I tried to keep this very simple, with words that have a place in Hindi vocabulary, too. I tried. So, here goes. Translation : Strong/vivid memories of the distant past, You, me and a situation. The requests, the hesitation, My sweet, sweet experience.

7 DEC 2016 AT 21:59

Pen down.
Day break.

Tagged by Gayathri for the #4wordverse. Image source: Original illustration.

7 DEC 2016 AT 21:06

All the part she wanted you to play in her life 
was to fill in the parting of her hair. 

The storyteller decided to let it go blank again.

The illustration is something I made yesterday. I'm planning to add my original quotes to my original illustrations - do let me know if you think it's a good idea. #part #YQBABA #art

7 DEC 2016 AT 20:57

Thank you for having a dream of making so
many people's dreams come true.

Cheers to Harsh and Ashish for giving us all this wonderful platform where we can come together to pen all our thoughts down without any unsolicited DMs or advertisements. I cannot help but be amused by the organic approach to their idea - the true sign of confidence in an endeavor. I'm sure in the next few years, I'll sit back and feel blessed that I have been a part of the beginning of YourQuote: an app that ought to be on every second smartphone by the end of 2021. I've seen the hard work you guys have put into it, blinding yourselves to all the distractions, weeding out everything unnecessary, pushing yourselves at every point. May you keep growing! Much love 👑

14 NOV 2016 AT 18:16