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I blush when u read my quote..😋
Joined 15 April 2019

I blush when u read my quote..😋
Joined 15 April 2019
poetry writer 21 MAY AT 0:23

U burn like light,

U bring sunshine,

I was empty without you,

U r fantasy.


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poetry writer 15 MAY AT 21:57

Dear Mr future,

Husband don't be late,

At dinner table ,

Otherwise m gonna kill-you


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poetry writer 14 MAY AT 7:03

Is showing no interest in you
So it's better to leave him/her
In the worst world in darkness
Alone than they will understand
Ur importance in their life


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poetry writer 13 MAY AT 15:20

Empty book as we can write our own story bt sometimes, writing our own story may lead bad ppl control our beautiful life . which means making a wrong decision . ND next thn we blame them for being a part of our life , so I love to write a story in which only love affection ND caring nature ppl can stay .
ND bad ppl couldn't survive even with a word.


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poetry writer 12 MAY AT 1:17

Mom's have their own charm on their face they don't need makeup ,they r God gifted beautiful.
Mom's have magic in their hand they don't wait for pills to work.
Mom's have spcl love for their kids she don't need to adjust.
All mom's r love by their kids bt yes it's true few of them can't express bt they love their mom more than anything in this world
Love you Mom
Happy mother's day to all mom's our superhero's
Miss u maa


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poetry writer 12 MAY AT 0:04

Jb Mai apke Ander thi tab bhi apne Mera dhyan rakha aur ab bhi rakhti ho
Tbiyat khrb ho ki sharir Mai dard ho apne kbhi nhi baatye yeh jataya ki dard hai.
Kbhi humre ankho Mai aasu ane na Diya , glti maine hazar ki lekin maafi apne hasske di,
Mere bolne se phle khna , mere bolne se phle mere baate samjhna
Mujhe school bhejna se lane tak
Vo dhup Mai khde hoke Mera intezar karna.
Mera tmse dat khna phir tmhra mujhe pyr se Mana kbhi nhi bhulugi Mai

Mai bht khush kismat hu ki tm mujhe mili ,Meri pyr maa,ammi,amma,mom, mummy apke kayi naam hai lekin kaam sirf Mamta Dene hota hai
Saute to every mom
Happy mother's day
Dear lovely ND frndly mom
I love u maa


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poetry writer 11 MAY AT 23:31

R capture by robotics ND without it we r meaningless .we only made them bt instead of human population technological gadgets r more in no.s hence beside it we r unable to connect with our frnds family other ppl ND so on.
Thus technology has changed alot bt we ppl has to use it in Wise manner.


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poetry writer 11 MAY AT 23:24

In this Black-and-white

World dreams r

Few bt living that

Dream is true


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poetry writer 10 MAY AT 23:28

When I realized I have been writing
my story depicting the truth
bt the readers
think it as story or friction,
I believe in true emotion
I show my true side to world,
Leave it
Bt try to see the world's beautiful side


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poetry writer 10 MAY AT 23:21

When I look down,

Thought my window,

At night I saw ,

Different world.


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