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I blush when u read my quote..😋
Joined 15 April 2019

I blush when u read my quote..😋
Joined 15 April 2019
Ranjana Kumari 14 HOURS AGO

Insan kitna bhi kamjor Kyu na ho lekin vo kabhi dekhta nhi ..
Vaise hi mere Papa Hai bhale hi kitni bhi musibate kyu na vo datt Kar samna karte Hai ..
Vo humesha se humre ache ke liye khade huwe Hai aur hote rhegye ..

Mere pyare papa


#super hero papa #papa #pops

Ranjana Kumari 14 HOURS AGO

Let me tell to everybody hw u treat me this days ..
Criticizing is just a crime in order to my vision ...
U can't blame me for all the situation..
I'm hopeless in fornt of everyone..
U never leave any chance to criticize me or my soul..


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Ranjana Kumari 16 APR AT 19:08

Today's main topic
I'm too mean that I don't listen u maa
I may not be as perfect as u want be to be..
I don't have any supernatural power that can me save from bulling..
I'm not that powerful as u r in ur old tym..

I repent I wish could remove or delete the worst fight between us..

Hold on..
U r there for me..
I don't need a guy to stand by me if u r with me..
I know u will love me as much I do to u maa..
I hope I could also express my feeling of love for u ..But something remain me still ..
I'm incomplete widout u maa..
I wish every year after my death I could take birth as ur child only maa😭..


#napowrimo #holdon #my feeling for u maa #maa

Ranjana Kumari 15 APR AT 23:53

The day will never come when I would stop watching my favorite cartoon..
#Doremon ..
I believe that in reality lyf is too busy ND everyone is engaged in their busy schedule..
But wait .. doremon is here to help u out with his gadgets..

Few line for the cartoon world lovers

I feel relax when I see u,
U r a part of my lyf ,
From my busy schedule,
I guess I got tym for my fav show..


#childhoodtome #childhood memories #never change urself #enjoy

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Ranjana Kumari 15 APR AT 19:52

The wisdom for which we r fighting will be won by me...

The power of sword ND my love for u .
Will make us win the battle...


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Ranjana Kumari 15 APR AT 16:05

I need you at least stand beside me,
Im waiting for u ,
I know I'm not ur choice,
I'm not pretty or beautiful,
I'm a simple,this wht u r not in search of but...

I need you at least stand beside with me till half way...
I wish u be happy with ur 1st choice
Let be frnds come at least move half way wid me..


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Ranjana Kumari 15 APR AT 15:54

Dagah karke parahya karke humse
Puchte ho ke kuch bolte Kyu nhi..


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Ranjana Kumari 15 APR AT 15:10

While sitting inside the car
Caughting other traveling​,
One thing that strike in my mind is
How ppl try to adjust with the old stuff
Which brings happiness ND enjoyment
Like late nyt ride, gang up wid buddies at last moment, taking ur younger one to school/college etc,
The half of ur lyf spend in our old stuff .

In last enjoy wid ur old stuff ND plus old is gold...


Ranjana Kumari 15 APR AT 11:40

When a true speller tries to write
It become hard for him/her
To understand his/her own word
Bcoz it's a word of a pure heart
Which fall in inner deep into find
The someone to be believe in.
And desperately attached to,
Around the world of fake ND few true ppl ,
I remember when I got betrayed by best call ppl around me....


# firstquoteofmine #firstquote

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