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17 OCT 2019 AT 13:14

Find her, in her darkness;
Hold her hand and let that spark a light in her.


2 OCT 2019 AT 18:01

Wild Hearts.
A heart like yours wasn't meant to be in a cage,
of fear or pain.
It was meant to soar high and far.
To love again, and show love to Others who are broken;
All the joy you hold in that Heart, and smile despite everything you've been through to get here.

..a Wild Heart like yours is rare.
So beautifully rare.


18 SEP 2019 AT 16:58

There is a flow, a rhythm and passion in your voice.
And it resonates beautifully;
On how you speak healing to others despite having been broken several times.
You are beautifully made in a world filled with so much hate.
Where, you let your smile, rhythm and passion flow, like soothing words to those who need it.


10 SEP 2019 AT 13:44

Even though you feel alone, lost and your mind quite heavy.
With thoughts that overwhelm you suddenly, it's okay to be. You don't have to have everything under control.
We All fall apart Some days.
Fallen and broken.
By our own expectations and sometimes because of others.
Getting back to having a normal routine might be hard and quite tiresome when you feel alone and exhausted by the million thoughts on a rampage.
It's alright.
We all struggle, behind a Masked facade.
Through it all, a glimmer still shines.
We haven't fallen from a Grace that saves.


26 AUG 2019 AT 8:01

For all the times you have been hurt.
And words have slain your heart.
You've fallen and been struck a hundred times.
You're still here.
You are still here.
Words might have pulled you down.
And your soul broken.
But right now and here,
You are stronger than you ever were.
It might take a little while,
This path will lead you out.
And you are going to shine.
You are a golden light in someone's darkness.
You are a Light.


16 AUG 2019 AT 14:00

To all the times I have never loved myself.
But loved you.

To all the times I felt I was never good enough.
But spoke encouragingly and lifted you up.

To all the times I was crumbling and breaking.
But never let you feel that way.

To everything I learned to love...because you loved it.

To all the times I thought of you before myself.
...You still let me fall.

Where did I disappointed myself?


7 AUG 2019 AT 18:05

Breaking inside of her is a person who is shattered,
but would do anything to make another Smile.
Who cared enough to see them
happy as it filled
her with little joys.
For the pain of being lonely, misunderstood
and often overlooked, she knew.
The heart is always heavy.
This she knew as she stood
by herself in a dark room.


2 AUG 2019 AT 17:33

A Crown of Thorns,
And blameless Crimson blood.
Gave to me new Life and breath.
And is the reason for the Glittering Crown,
on my Head.


2 JUL 2019 AT 20:44

Today is one of those somedays,
that remind me,
perfection is an illusion.


27 JUN 2019 AT 0:33

One day, we will all disappear.
Drift apart somehow,
from each others Life.
The conversations will cease to exist.
And we learn to live with a tiny void.
Days, months, years will go by in silence.
Until we find a photo or a letter and the memories come flooding.
Reminding us of what we once were.

Nostalgia has a name, and it is You.


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