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My blog 👇🏼
Joined 30 March 2017
26 SEP 2019 AT 13:29

Sometimes, in life, we encounter strangers and find an interesting connect with them - just by the look of them or just by their unusual actions; even before engaging in a dialogue.

There's something in them which holds our attention, something strangely related to our fantasies that we believe we have known them for years.


18 MAY 2019 AT 18:05

Stealthy he came & grabbed her by the belly from behind, giving her a complete surprise.

She tried to resist as he hugged her; giving him an eerie look nothing of which he expected. 

Ironically, shocked he was when she hardly looked him in the eye while he presented the ring after weeks of contemplation.

Her silence throughout this enticing moment said something which he already knew from a while but never wanted to believe.


16 MAY 2019 AT 18:11

Every time I find her distressed with the same problem, I ponder one more time to breakup and start afresh with someone else.

However, the thought of someone else caring for her, someone else wiping her tears, someone else hugging her and kissing her on forehead saying "this too shall pass" scares my soul and I always make my heart understand that she is the only one.


24 MAR 2019 AT 16:17

You can never know it all. There is a dark side which everyone hides.


22 MAR 2019 AT 10:07

Despite losing hundreds of times, our emotions somehow win and we try and make one last effort to go back and turn the table.

We do it again and again hoping to get results, and fulfil our desires.

We make so much efforts, invest so much time, put everything else at risk and think that we deserve results.

However to no avail. HOPE let's us try, but we fail. Hope in relationships is not a good thing. So sometimes we must let go.


17 JAN 2019 AT 22:02

Deep down in our hearts, we know what's the truth.

Yet we hope, we hope for miracles to happen for us...

But when it comes to emotions, hope can be as destructive as depression.


10 JAN 2019 AT 0:00

"Aansu nikal aaye toh khud pochna.
Log pochne aye toh sauda karenge"



9 JAN 2019 AT 7:51

Multitasking: Yeah, it's a myth

Only exists in your smartphone not in your mind.


1 JAN 2019 AT 16:49

Spending time with yourself doesn't mean thinking about things & other people.

Spending time with yourself means talking to your self about you just like the way you talk to others.


25 DEC 2018 AT 14:40

यहाँ हर किसी को,
दरारों में झाकने की आदत है,

दरवाजे खोल दो,
कोई पूछने भी नहीं आएगा….!!!!


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