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Joined 2 April 2020
2 MAY 2020 AT 21:43

Where are you, darling? I've been standing at your door for three hours. Nobody opens. :)


2 MAY 2020 AT 21:34

Smile and tears are like,
rain and sunshine,
night and day,
fire and water.
It's our emotional immune system.


2 MAY 2020 AT 21:19

I love you for the whole thing,
because there's no reason to make love. :)


2 MAY 2020 AT 21:07

How are you doing? I haven't seen you in so many years
When was the last time, I didn't even remember
Where was that train you were supposed to go?
Did you get on at all? Did you stand on the platform?
What were your words and thoughts with us at that moment?
What were we talking about and what did we believe in?
Thanks to me, you sat on a high wall,

Thanks I had a great fall.


2 MAY 2020 AT 15:42

Since he lives up to his conscience,
my world has become colorful.


2 MAY 2020 AT 10:42

What do yoo desire more than anything else in this life?


1 MAY 2020 AT 22:52

What if I was nothing?
What if this true?
What if I was nothing , girl,
nothing without you.
So what if I was angry,
what did you thing I'd do?
I told you that I love you, girl,
I'm nothing without you.

All That Reminds - What if Nothing


26 APR 2020 AT 22:21

In the theatre of your dreams, a role well played,
You've deceived my senses like a whiskey makes a Coke,
I can feel my heart working, but that's another beating,
You sucked my soul out like cancer sucks life out,
Although I rarely drink this morning, I feel a hangover every morning,
And I can't do anything about it, even though it's been a long time,
When I think it's okay, it comes back with double the force,
You've put out love in me like a bright cancer goes out.


26 APR 2020 AT 20:53

Time is a merciless judge.
Don't get convicted and become a sludge.
Who you wouldn't be, how much you wouldn't matter.
He'll track you down to give you a ticket of silence, not flatter.
You've got one life. Keep it in linnets.
Just one bad move, it may take a few minutes.
Passing touches us, I felt this touch today.
Time takes away my feelings, I can already feel the tide-way.


25 APR 2020 AT 14:55

"We are born in one day.
We die in one day.
We can fall in love in one day.
In one day we can change.
Everything can only happen in one day."
So let's try not to waste a single one.

Gayle Forman- This one day


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