Raat Chaandani   (Manish Mohan)
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Joined 13 April 2017
Raat Chaandani 26 MAY AT 20:43

I whispered
your name
to the moon
And he smiled


Raat Chaandani 26 APR AT 21:00

Do you meet me in your dreams
as I meet you in mine?


Raat Chaandani 15 MAR AT 20:32

Lie to me
Tell me you
Shine for me
For I will hide
In your shadows
As you shower
Your moonlight
On the world


Raat Chaandani 27 FEB AT 7:34

My dreams seem so real
When you are in them


Moon poems 117

#moon #dreams #you #real

Raat Chaandani 16 FEB AT 15:19

How selfish of me
To cage you
Because you are
My escape


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Raat Chaandani 6 FEB AT 18:46

You descended on me in my dream
I surrendered myself in you arms
Letting your lips devour mine
As I lost myself in your embrace

And then you left suddenly
Making no promise to meet again
Leaving me savoring your taste on my lips
And your aroma lingering all over my body


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Raat Chaandani 25 DEC 2019 AT 20:49

एक धुंधली सी तेरी याद
जब भी ज़हन में आती है
खो जाता हूं मैं
तेरी ख़ामोशी के शोर में


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Raat Chaandani 11 DEC 2019 AT 22:18

Jostling thoughts
Of times gone by
Savoring memories
Emanating serinity
Peaking sneaking
Hiding in plain sight
In between punctuations
Nestled in the heart
Ever present


Moon poems 114

Raat Chaandani 8 DEC 2019 AT 21:16

Talking endlessly with you
When time stands still
And the world falls silent
Listening to our
Cosy conversations


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Raat Chaandani 26 NOV 2019 AT 17:35

Not expecting it to write back
But as my catharsis of loving you



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