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Joined 13 April 2017
Raat Chaandani 24 SEP AT 8:16

Catching a glimpse of you
As a new dawn beckons
Reminiscing of how beautiful
The night was with you
Lighting up my dark sky


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Raat Chaandani 16 JUL AT 23:25

I painted you a picture
with colors of my love
In their full bloom
of shades of grey


Raat Chaandani 19 JUN AT 22:29

Shine bright my muse
For you are free
From my shadow


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Raat Chaandani 19 APR AT 17:15

Passing clouds of time
Can't dim the radiance
of your presence
For you still shine bright
Behind the clouds
of my memories


Raat Chaandani 9 APR AT 8:19

I do ask myself sometimes
Do I need you, want you, or
Do I just yearn for the idea of you

I tried finding another muse
Even flirted with the stars
But I keep returning to you
Searching for your presence
Seeking your mesmerizing smile


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Raat Chaandani 31 MAR AT 18:38

Each time I run out of words
I realize there is still so much to write

About how the stars in your eyes
Twinkle and dance with mine

How your smile fills the sky
Dispelling my darkness

How you embrace me in your light
And make me yours


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Raat Chaandani 30 MAR AT 21:42

What's your 11:11 song?


Tell me...

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Raat Chaandani 30 MAR AT 16:14

When you are lost
Look within
Only you have the answers
To your questions
Only you have the power
To accept and define your path


Raat Chaandani 27 MAR AT 20:08

I taste the whiskey
That passes through
Your mouth to mine
As I catch the moonlight
Of your smiling eyes
Shining through your hair
Like clouds floating
In the night sky
Your bosom peaks
Push against my chest
Like mountains
Tearing the vast sky
And I find my solace
In your warm embrace


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Raat Chaandani 26 MAR AT 22:42

Sometimes you build a wall
Not to keep anyone out
But to see who will tear it down
Or climb over it


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