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Joined 29 January 2017
26 DEC 2018 AT 14:45

Today, someone asked how can you write so beautiful heartfelt lines. I said my words carry feelings which bleeds.


21 OCT 2018 AT 11:48

You filled all emptiness of my heart had, you made me fall in love again when I was not able to love myself, you held my hand tighting even though I wanted to get rid of you, you gave me a new reason to be happy again, you are the best thing in my life and I could not wish more than you in this world.


18 OCT 2018 AT 0:29

Life is short.
Live life happily and let other's live.
Life is gifted by God not humans.
Live your life.


14 OCT 2018 AT 12:24

Haar se na darr tha na dukh tha. Jeevan k safar mein har waqt insan hai haarta. Dukh toh tab hota hai jab insan apno se haarta hai


14 OCT 2018 AT 12:06

One day I was confused, whom I shall be in touch, whom I shall leave and whom I shall stab.
My mother said me forgive people who don't realise how much they have hurt you and forget the bad actions they did with you.
Don't be like them because God has made you above them. You are God's child and be great.


13 OCT 2018 AT 18:10

Never trust people who maintain a hidden relationship, no social profiles, who share pictures only with their partners, who maintain a hide and seek relationship, private contacts and never talk about their families.

Get away from diplomacy or be diplomatic


12 OCT 2018 AT 10:52

My dad never made me feel as a Princess.
I was always the man in the family who would take all decisions and control the family.
My dad made me a warrior and warriors never quit.


11 OCT 2018 AT 15:22

I am very thankful to the people, who hate and hurt me everyday, they make me realise where I really stand & how high I need to reach.


15 SEP 2018 AT 15:43

Dont gift me chocolates
Gift me lipstick shades ๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ’‹


15 SEP 2018 AT 15:41

When you give and expect a return it is investment.
But if someone gives and expects nothing in return it is Love.


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