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Strip 69 The Adult Manual

It is Tuesday Strip 69 of #TheAdultManual Are you having fun? Generic Platitude Platypus strikes again! This time he's back with an old adage, that it is imperative to have fun at work, no matter what that work might be. I think it's hilarious to be a gravedigger and still have fun at your job. It is particularly annoying when you keep getting asked that question in your normal work life. "Oh you need to work this weekend, but I hope you're having fun!" "I know this week is stressful, but make sure you have fun!" People repeat this so often you'd think it was part of their KRAs. Sigh! See you guys on Friday. #work #life #yqbaba #funny


Strip 68 The Adult Manual

It is Friday Strip 68 of #TheAdultManual The Dark Ages The tickets have been booked, the big guy is wearing his favorite Hawaiin shirt, they're just about to leave for the airport when a terrifying thought strikes the heart of man. It's funny to think the last time the big guy took a break we went into the Dark Ages, given how things are right now, perhaps the only silver lining is the big guy's on a much-deserved vacation and his interns probably screwed it all up. And on that terribly disappointing note for the rest of us See you guys on Tuesday. #holiday #vacation #yqbaba #world

12 JAN AT 18:50

Strip 67 The Adult Manual

It is Tuesday Strip 67 of #TheAdultManual Hit that thing with this thing I have something important to share this time. I recently remembered reading this quote by Alexis de Tocqueville: “Nothing tends to materialise man, and to deprive his work of the faintest trace of mind, more than extreme division of labour.” For some bizarre reason, I could not get this out of my head. So here it is the consequences of the extreme division of labour. I think it is ironic that there are so many people involved in something as simple as chopping down a tree that individually none of them know what it is they're actually doing. Which is kind of the same for a lot of our corporate jobs. While we might have fancy titles, if you honestly ask someone their answer will be similar, "I make a ppt or an excel file about this thing or I send emails about that thing" What is it that we're trying to accomplish as a whole we have no clue. See you guys on Friday. #work #life #lost #yqbaba

9 JAN AT 18:46

Strip 66 The Adult Manual

It is Friday Strip 66 of #TheAdultManual Push that button! We interrupt our regular programming to bring you an emergency broadcast strip. In the late hours of Wednesday President Trump tweeted that he had a bigger button than Kim Jong Un. While North Korea set about measuring theirs, the rest of the free world trembled in fear. However, a solution was soon to be found. We simply replaced his button with a switch that keeps turning itself off AKA the Useless Box. The Nobel Committee is considering giving its inventors their annual peace prize. Meanwhile President Trump was seen switching it off and on again all day today. The White House believes this is a liberal-alien-conspiracy to defame the President. I'm sorry guys I just couldn't resist this one. We will resume our somber tone and grave world view shortly. See you guys on Tuesday. #trump #war #yqbaba #nuclear

5 JAN AT 19:57

Strip 65 The Adult Manual

It is Tuesday Strip 65 of #TheAdultManual Whatte 2018 This is the first strip of 2018 General convention dictates I begin with some form of advice to follow or some kind of a wish that comes true for all of us. I've chosen Hanlons' Razor as the one single piece of information most useful for all of 2018. The idea that we don't want the world to burn but we're most of the times too stupid to realize how we contribute towards it. Hanlon's Razor states, "Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity." To assume malice as the first cause is a major problem, let's instead assume stupidity, perhaps that will allow us all more empathy towards each other. Something I believe is sorely lacking. Not everything is a conspiracy to topple you from your throne, not everybody is out to get you, sometimes people just do stupid things. Let's give them the benefit of doubt this year. Happy New Year everyone! May 2018 be as brilliant as you need it to. See you guys on Friday. #newyear #world #yqbaba #philosophy

2 JAN AT 18:58

The desolation of modernity

Here's a piece that I had begun during Inktober and had been chipping away at it over the past few months. It is finally ready and just in time to end 2017 with. I thought it quite funny that the Samurai ancestors of a young boy would be rolling in their graves to know what remains of them are but video game characters. All their descendants can do now is play on the Playstation. I call it the desolation of modernity. Yes, yes I know my liberal arts education has been put to good use in the framing of this title. Also, Happy New Year everyone! #art #sketch #illustration #yqbaba #memory

31 DEC 2017 AT 15:13

Strip 64 The Adult Manual

It is Friday Strip 64 of #TheAdultManual Screw the world This is the last post for 2017. It's always hard to come up with a year-end piece. There is this pressure to sort of encapsulate the year that has been. At the end of 2017, I'd just like to say there will always be work, there will always be things you could've done better. There will always be things you could've done. But is the effort to make it happen worth the cost? I'm not so sure anymore. In 2017 the world went and got it itself high on productivity and efficiency and hacks of all kinds, nobody's factored in the soul-sucking cost of doing more, of being more! In this final strip for 2017, the big guy reflects what I think all of us feel at some level, the world could be made ideal, but then we'd all be working all the time. Screw the world, he'd rather make some ice sculptures instead! A huge thank you to everyone who's followed this strip. To everyone who has taken the effort to shower appreciation and feedback, we've grown quite well as an eclectic bunch reveling in the darker side of humor. I wish all of you a happy new year and as for 2018, how bad could it get! See you all in the new year. See you guys on Tuesday. #life #work #yqbaba #hope

29 DEC 2017 AT 18:28

Strip 63 The Adult Manual

It is Tuesday Strip 63 of #TheAdultManual One must imagine happy Merry Christmas! For this special Christmas Cheer edition I thought of Camus and Sisyphus. In one way or another, we're all pushing up our own boulders up our respective mountains. Another year has gone by and little else has changed. But in the words of Camus himself, "I leave Sisyphus at the foot of the mountain. One always finds one's burden again... The struggle itself toward the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.” There is great cheer to be found in his words, the struggle itself is enough. And if nothing else the big guy just gave Sisyphus the perfect Christmas present, a brand new boulder. One can now imagine Sisyphus happy. One can now imagine all of us happy. I hope this Christmas has been a good one. See you guys on Friday. #christmas #yqbaba #happy #life

26 DEC 2017 AT 18:47

Strip 62 The Adult Manual

It is Friday Strip 62 of #TheAdultManual Fastest email response time I know it is getting disgustingly close to the beginning of the year-end merriment. The next few strips I know have to be happy ones about Christmas and all. This one, however, remains my parting shot for this year. If you must remember 2017, remember it as the year where you had too many emails and too little time. Think of how you were a sportsman, musician, artist, debater, quizzer, whatever it might have been that won you medals and trophies and think of how if there was an adult version of those events it would probably be for emails. The fastest email response time is the crown jewel of the adult, corporate Olympics. On that extremely tragic and let-down of a note I shall see you again on Tuesday with a disgustingly optimistic strip because its Christmas. See you guys on Tuesday. #corporate #life #yqbaba #sports

22 DEC 2017 AT 18:43