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I write what you wanna listen....
Payal Tyagi 16 MAR AT 22:11

Let them judge, it's their work.
I ain't affected by it.


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Payal Tyagi 15 MAR AT 17:58

Sab kahte hai ki bachpan accha hota hai.
Dost sacche hote hai kyunki dil, masoom hota hai.
Par kya kisi ne un baccho se bhi pucha ki bachpan kaisa hota hai ?
Jinko na padhne ko kitaabe milti hai aur na khelne ko dost hota hai.
Bachpan accha to hota hai par tab jab befikre hokar kagaj ki kashti ko pani me chhod paate hai,
aur kabhi doobne ka dar ho bhi to koi sambhal lega ye ehsas dil me jinda rakh paate hai.


Kya sabka bachpan accha hota hai ??
#bachpan #yqbaba #poem #sad

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Payal Tyagi 15 MAR AT 17:28

to fly high in the tremendous sky..


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Payal Tyagi 13 MAR AT 9:30

A place where I could find just few people,
without any resemblence in country of origin,race,color,religion.
More birds chirping and the sound of waves can be heard from a distance,
While I was still thinking where I am,somebody welcomed me saying,
you are in the castaway.


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Payal Tyagi 12 MAR AT 10:55

Travelling to me, helps in getting enamored with existence of life and its vivid colors.


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Payal Tyagi 8 MAR AT 23:15

If there were no women,there would have been no men because Adam would have been died wandering alone all over the planet.


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Payal Tyagi 8 MAR AT 0:36

She stands at the periphery of judgementals,
Doesn't let anyone touch her soul beyond her consensus,
She walks with dignity even without having perfect shape,
She flaunts her beauty in her wrinkled and streched face,
She smiles with pride digging deep in fleshes of her teeth.
Still wonders who is she??
She is a phenomenal woman..
She is you and she is me..


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Payal Tyagi 7 MAR AT 11:40

Price tags couldn't justify the value of person's emotions.


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Payal Tyagi 6 MAR AT 10:43

My words come through the way of my soul,when I am with you...


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