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Joined 24 June 2018
29 AUG AT 16:27

My heart has stopped beating,
Coz it's continuously bleeding.
Of pain once nobody knew,
As people change when the time flew.
Somebody carry me back to light,
From this dungeon which is darkened.
Coz I can't bear it anymore,
This pain seems eternal.
There was a time when I was happy,
Unaware that pain lasts to eternity.
They came and stabbed me,
And like water my blood bleeds.
Plz help me out of this mind hurdle,
Coz I can't bear it anymore,
This pain seems eternal.


15 AUG AT 9:42

अंधकार से स्वतंत्रता चाहिए,
मूत-भेड़ और दंगो से स्वतंत्रता चाहिये।
सब के लिए खौफ के रास्ते साफ चाहिए,
न्याय पूर्ण भारत चाहिए।।


8 AUG AT 20:22

जैसे बारूद जलके धुंआ बनता है,
जैसे बर्फ़ पिघल के पानी बनता है,
जैसे कोयला हिरे में तब्दील होता है,
वैसे ही परिश्रम से आदमी को
अपना लक्ष्य प्राप्त होता है।


3 AUG AT 13:28

May the force protect our heroes who give upon their lives in order to protect us.
Happy rakshabandhan to all the corona warriors!!!


18 JUL AT 18:10

For a true achiever
Number of likes ,
followers and comments
doesn't matter.
What truly matters is
the satisfaction he/she gets by
accomplishing their work.


16 JUL AT 12:58

There will be thousands to say
That you are not worth it.
But every time they demoralize you,
Get up and dust yourself .
Choreograph your success in such a way,
That they will start praising you the lyrical way...


5 JUL AT 14:07

Don't wait for a miracle to happen.
Smile and let go off all the worries to emblish the inner beauty of yourself.....
A miracle just happened!!!


7 JUN AT 16:02


The desire of morning sunlight penetrating through the floral curtains, gently embracing our smile and positive vibes😊.


21 MAY AT 13:57

Motivation and inspiration are the best fuel to keep the vehicle named human going ..


14 MAY AT 14:53

Maybe I lost my things,
But I haven't lost myself.
Maybe I lost my possession,
But I haven't lost my talent...


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