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Joined 8 April 2019
Nishikha Sinha 6 NOV AT 17:31

If there someone perfect, so that's only because of taunts given by this world to that person.....


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Nishikha Sinha 29 OCT AT 14:57

May chitragupta bhagwaan fills your life with a lot of happiness and success..... From my side I wish you happy chitragupta Puja......


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Nishikha Sinha 26 OCT AT 11:16

The place can become old but the memories of that place never become old....


Nishikha Sinha 22 OCT AT 18:35

I know DSLR is very strong camera but it cannot even any camera can't capture feelings.....


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Nishikha Sinha 21 OCT AT 16:16

The best friend in your life is you yourself which can't tell anything to anyone and on whom you can believe the most......


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Nishikha Sinha 20 OCT AT 9:12

One single tree is helping you this much... so think how much millions of trees will help you?
So save tree......


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Nishikha Sinha 18 OCT AT 22:11

The life is never joyful but we can make that joyful by ignoring that situation....... 馃槆


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Nishikha Sinha 18 OCT AT 18:05


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Nishikha Sinha 17 OCT AT 16:31

A thousand of hurdles to come back to top.....


Nishikha Sinha 16 OCT AT 16:10

Hello guys I am really happy because after one quote I will be completing my 300 quotes and I will give a special thanks to all of you because of you only I got inspiration to write quotes everyday and I will tell you to like, share ,give me inspiring comments and if you like please write testimonials....... Thanks..


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