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Neha Chatterjee 7 NOV 2017 AT 22:57

Prelude to Palash
(Palash : part 1)

- c.Zyana

The tree stood tall and proud,
spreading it's arms to meet the sky.
Standing at the far corner,
All alone with might.
Like the mesmerising flames against the darkness,
It's reddish-orange blooms engulf your moments.
The fallen palash are not disgrace but,
enchants you into the lore of Nature.
Once green, now covered in velvety Red,
the Earth now soothes your inner conflict.
The calling cuckoo beckons you to stay rooted.
Hummingbird humming to the breeze,
suckles the honey of the Flame of the Forest.
The squirrels diving into the sea of red,
squeks delightedly at the tree.
Surrounded yet secluded, Palash stood aloof in this world of spree.
Engulfed in the bedeck of it all I stood there enthralled.
The sky wears it's darker clothes today,
An ominous storm on the way.

Note: Palash is a tree found in the tropical parts of Indian subcontinent. It's scientific name is Butea monosperma.
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