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What if I hadn't loved you the most?
What if I had closed all the doors to my heart?
What if I had not fallen for the poison
That you served me concealed in your fake concern?
What if I had seen the demon 
Hiding inside you all this while?
What if our ways never crossed?

But then I wonder,
If you would have not come in my life,
I would have never learnt to rise in love.
To be selfless and stop expecting.

But what if 
'Forever' was not just a word that you said
But also implemented.
Maybe ours lives would have been different then.

~what if~
#whatif #yqbaba #yopowrimo #love
Mandhir Singh Bajwa thanks for nominating.
I further nominate Surbhi Sood rohima sharma Vignesh Desle Thomas Paul Prem Kumar Chanda Sumit S Agarwala