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Nandini Mehrotra







Nandini Mehrotra (Nandini)

Just experimenting with words in the hope of getting a good outcome. Instagram: nandini_mehrotra


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...This vague resemblance of the weather outside to with one inside me made me restless at times... 

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~Love and Liberation~ I still remember quite profoundly, the month of December when we first met. The biting cold, that desperate need for warmth and a numbing silence all around. This vague resemblance of the weather outside to the one inside me made me restless at times. Whenever I tried to let out a few tears, I stopped. I believed that if I let out the storm hurling within me, it would destroy everything and everyone around me. And at that point of time, being left all by myself was the last thing I wanted. • I had become a thin slack of ice. Fragile. Vulnerable. And then I saw you inching close to me, probably smitten by my valour to gleam when the sun rays hit me. Hiding my agony perfectly behind that smile. You held me delicately in your hands, a touch so beautiful, yet I was terrified. I did not want to shatter into pieces again. I had no strength left to gather those bits together. But then something unexpected happened. I surrendered to warmth of your love and gradually melted in your hands. I became yours for eternity. • - Nandini Mehrotra🌸 . . #yqbaba #yourquote #love #liberation #random