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Joined 19 January 2018
Namoos 4 AUG AT 23:39

Aaj ek bhi lafz likha nahi jaa raha
Lagta hai vaadi ki tarah siyahi bhi seham gayi hai


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Namoos 3 AUG AT 0:15

Tum khouf mai aakar khoufzada karte ho
Hum khoufzada ho kar bhi bekhouf ladte hain
Qabiz beshaq tum ho, par wajood aazad humara hai


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Namoos 26 JUL AT 23:05

It's you, for you recognise I care.


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Namoos 26 JUL AT 0:26

When you fall asleep
I visit your dreams,
ethereal, and
kiss your scars goodbye


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Namoos 25 JUL AT 15:17


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Namoos 24 JUL AT 12:38

I won't say I left because I felt you didn't deserve me. I never keep the deserve not deserve check. A few days ago, dad told me he has a weird heart. He could lose it on a whim, start loving unconditionally, and hurt. Hurt badly. But when his limits are pushed hard and he's done, his heart doesn't look back. The same soft, allegedly weak heart, leaves in peace. Not in a usual disappointed way, but he actually feels his heart getting rewired to not feel a thing for that person. God! The first thing I'll do on getting home is tell dad, "I've inherited your heart and I'm loving it."


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Namoos 23 JUL AT 17:42

You used to apologise straight away,
leaving me wondering
what to do with my anger.
It was annoyingly overwhelming,
until you did the same with goodbye.


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Namoos 23 JUL AT 1:43

To choose between hell and you?
I chose sitting in between,
tossing your cold words into hell.
And, so through a hell extinguished,
I walk away.


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Namoos 22 JUL AT 21:30

Every time I look into your eyes, I forget swimming.



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Namoos 22 JUL AT 14:34

The world doesn't understand that
it doesn't understand which makes it
difficult to understand what it actually


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