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Not goodbyes
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Not goodbyes
Joined 19 January 2018
Namoos YESTERDAY AT 21:21

"The older I get, the more I realise why Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)said that holding onto your belief is going to be like holding a burning piece of coal in your hand."

"Oh yes. That one is in the Bible too. Don't remember if it was Apostle Paul or Peter who said it."


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Namoos YESTERDAY AT 10:54

Selfish but true
I miss you when
I want to be vulnerable


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Namoos 5 JUL AT 21:36

I realised I couldn't recall it
I freaked out
Took a pause
Told myself not to panic
Because good riddance
Opened the keypad
And there went tap tap
My bloody fingertips


Namoos 5 JUL AT 18:56

"I'm dealing with it. What choice do I have?"

"Not deal with it and actually talk to him to patch things up? But what's there to patch, right? So breathe and let it go."


Namoos 4 JUL AT 19:33

But I won't say Belated Happy Birthday. You and me did celebrate it. Even if I didn't understand it then. Even if it was inside a dream. Because it was real, nevertheless and I mahal kita you, always.

(Letter in caption)


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Namoos 4 JUL AT 10:54

"I just wondered if he's alive."

"You wonder because you care.
You care because?
He's an indifferent acquaintance?
A stranger?
No one?
What is he to you?

We are only affected by people who have hold in us or we let hold a part of of ourselves."


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Namoos 4 JUL AT 1:30

"Everyone will have their share of punishment."

"Of course, God is a fair judge."

"Unless they have repented."

"We humans will never know who will be saved until the day comes. Because human beings are good at keeping their darkness hidden from the world. But they cannot keep that from God."


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Namoos 2 JUL AT 11:33

Even when I'm too busy
To feel the wind outside
The breeze in my chest
Hums your name with
A smile and a prayer


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Namoos 2 JUL AT 10:36


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Namoos 28 JUN AT 21:24

You were never mine

Only a bloody city light
I took for a star


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