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meenakshi dobriyal 26 NOV 2018 AT 15:02

And irony is,
you'll never know
what really truth could be,
until you step into others shoes
instead of keep believing that you were told everything!!


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meenakshi dobriyal 4 FEB 2018 AT 19:23

I always believed,
our hands will never loose on grip.
our smiles will never fade away.
our paths will never stop being parllel.
our story will never end.
I'm the author of every aspect that soothe my soul and cure my heart.
I told you, how perfect we are for each other and you never dared to disbelieve.
I kept us far away from the light of reality.
I'm a liar to your heart and honest to my mind.
But you will always be,
cure to my heart and distructive to your mind.


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meenakshi dobriyal 20 DEC 2017 AT 15:11

Little fire to your heart
to enlighten mine,
You might feel
yourself burning but
don't forget
the deal,
your "unconditional
love" had


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meenakshi dobriyal 25 NOV 2017 AT 16:51

Glisten of my words
keeps on fading.
they say i'm healing,

But only my heart knows,
this time,

i'm completely broken!


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meenakshi dobriyal 16 NOV 2017 AT 20:52

Every plot made them
hate me more,
may be for all the lies
i knitted perfectly.
But this time, i made you
the hero of this story
while i ditched
the unclad reality!


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meenakshi dobriyal 11 NOV 2017 AT 12:54

..." and no matter how amazingly i can escape from being alone while i'm looking for more people, at the end, i again stumble upon loneliness at nights"...


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meenakshi dobriyal 27 OCT 2017 AT 21:42

I can feel your eyes on me even now and with every single touch of your glance on my body, I'm loosing my heart all over again.
(In caption)


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meenakshi dobriyal 18 OCT 2017 AT 21:23

Was it scripted?
Why was i supposed to believe?

Was it necessary for you to chain
all of your lies and keep it safe
in cloister of my trust,
Whereas your heart fooled my love.
when all i thought was you've
been collecting our memories
over these years
like treasure.


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meenakshi dobriyal 12 OCT 2017 AT 10:37

... "After all these years,
graves of my feelings, memories and nightmares have occupied every single corner of heart.
I'm sorry, now there is no room left for your love in my graveyard."...


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meenakshi dobriyal 4 OCT 2017 AT 23:52

... "and no matter how strongly
i wrapped my arms around our love,
the illusion i created, kept fading away!"...


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