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Maleeha Tak (Maleeha Tak)

Kashmiri💟 feel too deeply the words I love are: honor, hope and love 📭

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"See the light where the sky meets the sea,
 it calls me.. 
And no one knows how far it goes"
(Lin Manuel Miranda, "How far I'll go")

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My mom
the moon in the night sky of my life

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Fire in breath!
Fire in blood!

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He couldn't score well enough at school

His mother ensured that he felt like a fool

With a Stick she walked into his room

She disapproved other ways to groom

Sometimes she deprived him of food

Suffering she thought was for his own good

More than often, in our society, rights of children are violated and no body raises their voice. This children's Day should be more about awareness than celebration because a change in one child's life, can make his/her whole life (life because what we go through in our childhood,grooms us for the whole life) a celebration! Happy children's day #yqdchildrensday #yqbaba #yqdidi #yqtales #yqdiary

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