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I write stuff and I’ve got kids!
Joined 20 April 2019

I write stuff and I’ve got kids!
Joined 20 April 2019
25 APR 2019 AT 18:36

When you wake up in the morning,
Tell yourself, out loud!

I love myself
I can do this


24 APR 2019 AT 19:30

Um...I was born in the 1980’s. That’s kind of a bummer for a prompt. Am I too old to be here? I could leave. Sorry guys I didn’t mean to be he creepy old guy!


24 APR 2019 AT 10:38

If you look into the mirror and
You don’t like what you see.

The problem isn’t with the image
The problem is with your mind.

If you want to be happy and successful
Change your mind and the way that you see things!
Imagine that your worldview is off for just a second. Imagine that you are ten times more attractive, resilient, and intelligent than you imagine yourself to be.

That’s the reality. Any negative reactions that your getting from others are the result of your own self-image...and maybe shitty people who don’t deserve your time and need to work on their own issues.

I’m just saying that you are capable of so much more than you think you are at this very moment! That is always true!

We are our worst critics!


24 APR 2019 AT 1:04

Everyone’s afraid of the lightning,
But the thunder,
The words Echo for miles,
And touch the ears of thousands
In a few seconds.

Let them hear your thunder!


23 APR 2019 AT 16:04

Oxford roses bloom /
Rabbit has a pocket watch /
Down the hole we go


23 APR 2019 AT 15:41

Hickory Dickory dock
Door mouse ran up the clock.
The tortoise and hare,
they knew he was there,
and the hatter came over from Dover


23 APR 2019 AT 7:50

Once there, Charles Dickens,
Sat eating his chickens,
Along with some curds and whey.
When along came a spider...
He killed it with his shoe.
And the cow jumped over the moon!


23 APR 2019 AT 7:41

And my heart begins to empty
because the more life that surrounds me
the more I remember
the one life that mattered
And never spoke-up to
The love that I carried
will hustle and bustle into me
Just like the crowds in rush hour
Because it’s my ever companion
It haunts me and honks for attention
It clings to my soul and will never let go!


23 APR 2019 AT 5:41

Be it Poetizer or Mirakee I’ll write till I am blue

Because I yearn endearingly to make some money too!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my words
I’d sit and write all day.

But living wages don’t grow on trees and words alone don’t pay.

I tried it at the grocery store, I spited out a rhyme.

The cashier stared back angrily, accused me of a crime!

So, on this day year of our lord the 20 and 19.

I’d throw myself upon a sword if you’d pay me for my spleen!


23 APR 2019 AT 2:50

For years and years I blamed you
I understood my grief
In line with all the stories:
That gendered blame belief.

It's always them
It's never you
The cause of all the pain
But eventually… I figured out
That we are both to blame.

But we were young
And both so new
The emotions felt so strong
I realize now, I hurt you too
And apart now we grew strong


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