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I Look Alive, I'm Dead Inside...
My Heart has holes, The Black Blood Flows..!!
Joined 14 October 2017

I Look Alive, I'm Dead Inside...
My Heart has holes, The Black Blood Flows..!!
Joined 14 October 2017
Kumar Shresth 1 DEC 2017 AT 18:51

"I Miss You But You Won't Understand..!!"
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Kumar Shresth 25 OCT 2017 AT 15:12

She was Running Along with the Empty Road,
Trying to dissolve in the dark of Night and to hide herself!
Footsteps approaching towards her fastly from back,
And hold! She sees a shadowy figure of someone coming closer to her but still, far away!
She tried to scream, but it was too late,
The hands of the devil, caught her from behind and made her quite forcefully!

And that shadowy figure, keeps on coming closer and closer, finally passing by her!
It saw her pain, it heard her screams, but ignored them, fleeing away from the scene fastly,
Her hopes kept on dimming with the shadowy figure fading and the suffering given to her body continously!

The next morning comes,
Sunlight touching the surface of Earth,
With someone reading the last night's Headlines,
And with someone's life ruined!


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Kumar Shresth 24 OCT 2017 AT 22:20

I'm left all alone in my Life,
Trying to walk my way wobbling around
Towards my End!!
Just like a Fish,
Taken out of the Pond,
Wriggling and trying,
To figure it's way out,
To the Water!!
The only difference is that,
She walks towards her Life,
And I'm walking towards my Death!!


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Kumar Shresth 24 OCT 2017 AT 16:16

Make me Cry, Make me Frustrated, Make me Depressed!
But I'm sure,
One day, You'll know my value,
When I will be nowhere to be found!


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Kumar Shresth 23 OCT 2017 AT 22:55

People used to ask me:
"What you got except pain, after she left you completely broken?"
Their answer was:
*The Duke standing down in my Garage!*


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Kumar Shresth 22 OCT 2017 AT 22:03

They kept on plucking my petals thinking, this would make me fall!
What they didn't knew was, I am already a firmly standing damaged Flower,
After being suffered from many bee stings in the past!


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Kumar Shresth 21 OCT 2017 AT 21:51

I was puzzled and amused,
Unknowingly what exactly was going on?
Until I decided to leave my seat,
From the "Play" she was performing to me!


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Kumar Shresth 21 OCT 2017 AT 15:16

My life is not filled with Friends,
It's full of 'Friendly' Strangers!
They, waiting to show,
and me, waiting to
See their hidden real cards!
Till then, Life is going 'Good'!


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Kumar Shresth 19 OCT 2017 AT 22:48

My Life is a Blank Page, I'm like the Pen!
Once Trusted You and Gave a Chance to Write,
You Spilled the Ink on it!
And here now I stand Alone like a Book in the Shelf like World,
Trying to Hide those Dark Pages of my Book called Life..!!


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Kumar Shresth 18 OCT 2017 AT 14:51

My heart is broken to pieces,
People are like shoes, crushing and sweeping them away..!!
Waiting for someone to come and fix it,
Before I totally melt like wet clay..!!



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