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17, DPSR, humanities, speaker, blogger, crazy dog lover, drama queen, film maker, atheist and aspiring psychologist. A proud vitiloger. Instagram: kartikibhatnagar_official Check out my website #Embracinglife to see my work. Looking for artists and painters. Shoot me a mail for criticism at: kartiki@embracinglifeblog.com


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You and your random hookups and your ONS's and Tinder and blind dates, do you even know what true love is?

See entire caption: Dear God, I resign. I am fucking done, you hear me? I am not going go around and try harder with you fools. For centuries I have been here and never have I seen so much stupidity when it comes to love in this generation. I am doing my duty alright. I have my arrows ready and I shoot exactly where it should, in the centre of your heart and yet my magic doesn't work. You're stubborn, I will give that to you. You and your random hookups and your ONS's and Tinder and blind dates, do you even know what true love is? Have you felt it? Have you tasted it? Have you smelt it? No. You cannot. You claim to talk about love. Your poetry is about love. You say, "I'm in love." But guess what? You aren't. You're in love when you know the exact moment she is going to sneeze. You're in love when you laugh when he farts at night. ‎You're in love when you want to meet her stupid dog, and you hate dogs. ‎You are in love when you decide to eat from that stupid place, just because you know she saves money. ‎You're in love when you smile when you see two men kissing in the park, and accepting it. But right now, you are not in love. You're in pseudo-love. I'm tired of working day and night, flying around, practicing my archery and finding soulmates because you just fuck it up. You meet the wrong people and love the wrong people and cheat the wrong people and then cry and cry and I have to hear it. I can't help you anymore, humanity. So I am letting you tumble around love, get hurt, let you cheat, get mad, maybe even die. But then you will find true love, without my arrows. So boss, I retire. Humanity is tiring. Love, Cupid. #drunktext #love #cupid #yqbaba

13 NOV 2017 AT 19:54

Same mother.  
Different fathers.

#samediff And the two friends wondered why they have the same eye colour. Vinayak Krishnan Laxya Tokas and Aishwarya you should try it too!

25 JAN 2017 AT 15:52

You kissed me a hundred times with your lips. 
Hundreds of them kissed me with their lips.

Guess we both aint that different. Found the inspiration for this from the pinned post of Harsh Snehanshu. #love #YQbaba #kiss

10 JUN 2017 AT 16:37