Kamini Sharma

Neither suffered nor injured just simply love to write✌😃
Kamini Sharma 10 DEC AT 15:32

Life is rather difficult if you choose easy path.


Kamini Sharma 26 JUL AT 23:19

You are the charm of my smile.
most prestigious one for me.
Loving u and loved by you are my lucky things
You and me ummm yes we are just beyond perfect,
Our fights our love makes a whole package of us,
I am not juggling for love I know it is you and it will be you.. you forever....


Kamini Sharma 14 APR AT 18:14

Yes we are indians.. feeling proud to say?
Even after "Nirbhaya's case" a case which arise goosebumps... Candle March, protest and many more things. But does they make a change?
Now for the religious one, yes we are Hindus, feeling proud?
A small eight years Kashmiri girl gang-raped in the temple for several days. Her soft timber liker fingers were grabbed by those evil fist, her nails turned black, the blue & red marks on here whole body could ever be forgotten??
Even though feeling proud??
It's not about being Indian or Hindu. It's about how humanity making its way to hell. At every case the more inhumanity in a human is reflecting. These camouflaged demons behind human attire are setting a worst description of human. Don't allow these rotten apples to spoil the whole bucket. Just throw them out from the bucket. They can't see the terror in those small eyes, even without knowing what's happening with her, feel of that incurable pain. The pain of that young girl when she gang-raped in a bus and knowing that her all edges were broken and many more girls.
Every "How" is not asked to be justified with an example. Stop justifying this "How" & restores the HUMANITY.


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Kamini Sharma 22 MAR AT 15:08


Praised up or suppressed down life has many ups & downs,
"Higher expectations, higher frustration" is nowadays mantra of irritation,
But found exception as my case,
No expectation still lots of pain,
Nonsense goody doesn't follow the concept of destiny,
As what goes around never make a rally,
At last no more nonsense in a goody is left,
As being sucked stores all tact,
Stay cherish till your last breath,
Is the only phrase which remains as a fruitful fact.


Kamini Sharma 25 FEB AT 6:28

The one who never get tired of kissing me & for whom my flaws never mattered,
Unknowingly found you in between but now this "you" for me is precious and esteemed,
Your absence make me low & your presence brightens my love which I show,
Plans for countless days & making of endless dates,
Your care your love your hopes, never imagined this much support,
Finding you make me believe in love, thought of loosing you, wretched me tough,
Adoring you is now my favourite job, getting it back is now no more unbelievable thought.


Kamini Sharma 5 FEB AT 14:38

Life could be smooth without your presence but you make it smoother with you essence,
Not searching for a mate but out of sudden you met and we date,
In our begining endeavouring with the emotions is on,
May be it was not only me who was juggling, your unsurety was also carried on,
Passing with time the surity is high,
Twist & turns or cuts & burns are no longer a typical pye,
Now you are my warmth of sun and this apricity will never term,
Having you as the most prestigious, loving and caring one,
After finding you hopes will always increase with the certainty of the vibe that best will always on the way to come.


Kamini Sharma 22 DEC 2017 AT 8:52


Being a girl is always complicated, you don't know how to get a man rated,
Some look good, some are good, difference lies in the intentions they took,
A person always shows his adequate side, which make us deprived of knowing what is right,
The only time when a real man came out, is when they refuse to take a silly advantage and show courtesy when no one is around,
Trust issues are always what a girl think of, but a gentleman shows how they always make them clear of.