24 APR 2018 AT 20:37

Coming out of darkness requires the presence of light. If there is no light source present, then only darkness exists. The only way to reach the light is to first realize that darkness surrounds you. Feeling the loneliness and emptiness of the dark creates the desire to search for meaning and truth found only in the light. Once you realize there is more to life than misery and pain, you begin a voyage to discover and experience love, joy and peace. Your vision determines which realm of existence you are currently operating in. Looking outside of yourself causes your eyes to witness nothing but total darkness in your surroundings. Gazing inside of your inner most being reveals the light source beaming within your heart. Your attitude is based on your overall outlook on life. Your outlook is formed by your vision. What you believe about yourself is a reflection of what you see or don't see inside of yourself. High self-esteem is built from the light with in and not from the darkness with out .

- Cubby