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Joined 10 October 2017
Jayalakshmy jayakrishnan 26 MAR 2019 AT 11:32

•World•An Unsolved Dilemma•
World- where we cannot trust words,
where succouring is replaced by stardom,
where human are mistaken as sapiens,
where generations of these culprits showed vain to Mother Earth,
where ignoramus scrimmaged for land, fame and prosperity,
where leaders turned to vicious money eaters,
where emotions were unable to understand,
where warmth of love was unseen because of contraptions,
where technology made life easy and indolent,
where family broke into strands of many unknown members,
where feminine and masculine paced into vulnerability,
where mankind turned into black-hearted evils,
where mercy is dying,
where I cannot ignore the dark side of this changing world!


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Jayalakshmy jayakrishnan 28 OCT 2018 AT 22:33

Do you know who is great?
Now read the second word of the first line!


I'm back guys!
#humour #yq #myown

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Jayalakshmy jayakrishnan 2 JUL 2018 AT 17:03

That moment when you forget to bring your homework which you had finished at home.


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Jayalakshmy jayakrishnan 8 JUN 2018 AT 1:12

Like my twin it follows me
You could embellish your height,
I covets if I was like you
Just not like a dark area or shape
produced by a body emerging between rays of light and a surface,
it's also a reflector of my feelings
O, I wonder if I could enuciate my melancholy with it
But I then envisaged that it could only feel me
O, my dear shadow
Yet I'm exberant that I'm not different,
just that my shadow is too serendipitous to be analogous of someone like me,
Just another las thinking out loud about her shadow.


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Jayalakshmy jayakrishnan 6 JUN 2018 AT 17:06

Clash of
doesn't mean that
it makes a


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Jayalakshmy jayakrishnan 5 JUN 2018 AT 17:43



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Jayalakshmy jayakrishnan 5 JUN 2018 AT 0:22

He was the one who made her laugh the most
now he's the one who made her cry the most


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Jayalakshmy jayakrishnan 4 JUN 2018 AT 23:48

Time and patience leads to the best


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Jayalakshmy jayakrishnan 4 JUN 2018 AT 23:31

When you vituperate someone,
once they'll know what you've done
you create a broken heart
break their trust on you


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Jayalakshmy jayakrishnan 3 JUN 2018 AT 17:14

Over thinking makes things worse!


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