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💌 Writing was a hobby and
I don't know when it became my love 💘
Joined 22 July 2018

💌 Writing was a hobby and
I don't know when it became my love 💘
Joined 22 July 2018

Day in and day out,
she narrated tales of
her son's childhood.
Now every
brick of the old age home
wants to see him.


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I taught him to walk,
So he walked away!
Leaving me behind at an old age home


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Life is
A delicious recipe,
Only cook
with patience.


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Every daughter is a miracle
in her father's life
Every sister is a miracle
in her brother's life
Every wife is a magic
in her husband's life
Every mother is a magic
in her child's life

Every woman is a wonder
in her man's life.


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Her heart is the softest place on Earth,
Her prayer is the strengthest place to be in,
Her lap is the safest place to sleep on,
And her arms are the warmest place
to save you from world's cold clutches.


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One honours the Hippocratic oath and saves lives
The other honours the love for nation and protect lives.

Both are warriors,
One at hospitals, other at borders,
who happily sacrifice their today for our tomorrow.


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Roses above the coffins, are screaming angrily
Tricolour around our soldier, is weeping silently.


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If I could read minds,
I would have known earlier
that your 'Hate you'
was your love,
masked by anger.


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Love has the fragrance of rose
and a fear to propose.
Love has the sweetness of chocolate
and freshness of a bouquet.
Love has the cuteness of a teddy bear
and the calmness of fresh air.
Love has the loyalty of promise,
and warmness of hug in coolness of ice.
Love has the charmness of a kiss
and the perfection of a bliss.
Love has hopefullness of Sun's ray
& celebration of everyday as Valentine's day.
Love is togetherness
irrespective of the short or long distances.


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So, on rose day, let's give rose
to the people of Old age home

On chocolate day, let's give chocolate
to the small children begging on streets

On teddy day, let's gift some toys and teddy
to the babies of orphanage

On promise day, let's promise ourselves
to prioritize humanity over anything else

At the end of the week,
happiness & satisfaction,
will surely be your 'Valentine'.


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