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Harshit Gupta 3 NOV 2018 AT 21:50

While the tourists take pictures of the statue of unity....
The malnourished kid once again sleeps empty.


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Harshit Gupta 22 JUN 2018 AT 20:54

Revolve your life around something that doesn’t make you wanna see the clock.


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Harshit Gupta 20 FEB 2018 AT 22:10

You don’t tell people about your worth, you show them.


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Harshit Gupta 6 DEC 2017 AT 22:13

We are crude oil
Floating in layers
Coming from the same place
but we get separated
Some make it to the creamy layer
Some in the bottom to the dump
Rest, struggling to survive in the middle.


Hint of reality.

#yqbaba #weare #collab #layers

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Harshit Gupta 28 NOV 2017 AT 23:18

Sometimes it’s better to let go.
Let go off things that make you sad.
Let go off people who make you cry.
Let go off memories which remind you that you are weak.

Let go off self, sometimes.

Float into the oblivion, no one to bother you.


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Harshit Gupta 29 SEP 2017 AT 21:53

“We’ll have to do a bypass surgery....” explained the cardiologist.
“Will it bypass my memories of her too?” he asked innocently.


”Eternal sunshine of spotless mind.”
#heart #yqbaba #bypass #memories

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Harshit Gupta 29 SEP 2017 AT 21:08

“I will always take care of your HEART....” she sobbed near a stranger’s grave whose heart still beat in her chest.


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Harshit Gupta 5 SEP 2017 AT 18:40

FROM crying
to get attention
TO hiding tears
to avoid attention
we grew up.


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Harshit Gupta 5 SEP 2017 AT 18:05

“They are our lifelines.”
“What will our grandkids drink?” — were few of the banners I saw in the ‘Save Rivers’ rally.

The people holding them were the ones who had ditched their Gods in the same rivers a week ago.


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Harshit Gupta 4 SEP 2017 AT 21:48

‘Every END is a new beginning....’

He had read it somewhere, but understood it today, when he lost his wife, giving birth to their child.


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