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Harsh Snehanshu (हर्ष स्नेहांशु)

I write about simple things that often miss one's eyes in a very simple language. Striving to be simpler with time and experience. Started out as a writer. Realised there are no good writing platforms for smartphones. Started YQ with Ashish. Now on a mission to make the world write. Reach me at harsh@yourquote.in for any help/collaboration. My last book, Green Mango More: Stories from Childhood (2015), is a collection of 36 funny tales from my childhood. Check it on Amazon below.


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Happiness is on sale. Discount your ego and take it for free.

Happiness Sale.

1 JUL AT 0:06

The world depends on two kinds of folks. Those who know where they want to reach and eventually reach there. Second, those who don't know where they want to reach and end up reaching where nobody has ever reached before.

Two kinds of gamechangers. Which one are you? Steve Jobs and Vasco da Gama were the first kind. Zuckerberg and Christopher Columbus are the second kind.

4 JUL AT 23:05

If people don't appreciate your art, get angry with yourself than with people. You need to get better, not people.

Sermon of the day.

29 JUN AT 21:03