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Harsh Snehanshu (हर्ष स्नेहांशु)

I write about simple things that often miss one's eyes in a very simple language. Striving to be simpler with time and experience. Started out as a writer. Realised there are no good writing platforms for smartphones. Started YQ with Ashish. Now on a mission to make the world write. Reach me at harsh@yourquote.in for any help/collaboration. My last book, Green Mango More: Stories from Childhood (2015), is a collection of 36 funny tales from my childhood. Check it on Amazon below.


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After 28 years on Earth,
the lifestyle I crave for
isn’t filled with madness
but balance, not even
indulgence but involvement.

After 28 years on Earth,
having tried every thing
I ever desired, I want
a lifestyle where I sleep
at 11 and wake up at 6.

Maybe I should get married now. 😅


If you want to do something in life, 
don’t delay. 

Delaying is life’s job. Not yours.

Don't delay. Don't add on to the delay life has already planned for you.

15 JAN AT 2:40

I like dark 
like you like silence.

I like you
like you like me.

A little noisier than silence,
a little brighter than darkness.

How we like.

10 JAN AT 21:23

You help my heart sit.

Oh, it's what you do to me.

9 JAN AT 23:58