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Joined 12 December 2017
25 JAN 2018 AT 15:23

It’s not in seeing it whole
The bits and pieces are what smile hope
It’s in the stuffy mundanes
A sudden breath whispers oxygen in you
It’s seeing it all fall apart
And in the breaks and cracks a new luster
A new start
Oh darling you are not walking forward alone
I accompany you invisibly everywhere you go


14 DEC 2017 AT 3:41

Between the sky and earth,
they soothe
the fire within her
She will always create a stir
You can't help but notice her


13 DEC 2017 AT 0:19

He had become easy to miss. She had convinced herself this was a conventional symptom of time. Her thoughts were beginning to outgrow his everyday dialogue. She desperately longed for a foreign escape from this orthodox entrapment. She was breaking and healing at the same time. TT


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