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Joined 24 July 2018

Joined 24 July 2018
Glory Ogunfunmilakin 1 FEB AT 12:19

I'm a grass,
aiming for the stars,
but I'm always in the dark.


Glory Ogunfunmilakin 16 MAY 2019 AT 19:58

Opportunity to convey my thoughts, my ideas and my emotions.


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Glory Ogunfunmilakin 6 APR 2019 AT 12:41

Not everybody will love you, even if you're kind than Jesus.


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Glory Ogunfunmilakin 18 FEB 2019 AT 3:31

My revenge is to be successful


Glory Ogunfunmilakin 9 FEB 2019 AT 4:27

I've loved and I've lost,
That hurt a lot,
but I'm okay,
though it really pains,
I learned to accept it,
even if it appears so hard.


Glory Ogunfunmilakin 21 JAN 2019 AT 3:18

I'm the most delicate person on Earth,
I choose to do things my own way,
I've brought a lot of people to stay,
Not knowing,they were just "to let".


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Glory Ogunfunmilakin 12 JAN 2019 AT 5:11

I'm a sinner,you're a saint
You're a sinner, I'm a saint
What's our difference?


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Glory Ogunfunmilakin 4 DEC 2018 AT 3:28

I love too much,
and that really hurt,
they broke my heart apart,
I'll stop loving,that's a fact,
Gentility was the problem,
and also,I was not firm.


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Glory Ogunfunmilakin 22 NOV 2018 AT 2:11

You're giving up?
Why should you do that??
Don't stop,even though you flop,
I know it will break your heart,
it is through this you will learn,
Create a plan,
Let it span,
be a man.


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Glory Ogunfunmilakin 22 NOV 2018 AT 1:57

I am not okay,
It has to do with my brain,
I always feel pain,
I wish I could play,
In the rain, so my mood can change,
The heart is bandaged,
Gonna break out of the cage,
And I also want to fly away,
Each and every day.


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