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Joined 15 May 2019
20 OCT 2020 AT 19:57

Being "COOL" is just a matter of accepting your true self.❤


22 JUL 2020 AT 9:38

Don't dream of the world sheding tears after your death if you can't make them happy while living¤.♥


15 JUL 2020 AT 10:23

Why do you look so ugly?

* Why is your "look" so ugly?


8 JUL 2020 AT 9:34

Ears ceased 💔
Years of action blamed❤
Can you see the contrary?
Not less than fire and flame!


4 JUL 2020 AT 21:51

Dear best friend,
Let me tell you a very basic thing.
I fell in love with your friendship but i never knew that it would raise the love around me❤


4 JUL 2020 AT 16:22

---Respect yourself.
You will not do the things to you that you don't want others to experience.

---Respect others.
You will not do the things to others which you don't want yourself to be experienced.


4 JUL 2020 AT 11:07

List some common things.
again judge them if they are normal too.❤


3 JUL 2020 AT 16:06

When was the last time you felt someone is around you but is just not visible?❤


1 JUL 2020 AT 16:42

When reason don't matter anymore, what starts to grow is not love but foolishness❤


26 JUN 2020 AT 0:56

Let's try it out.
Let's be positive and believe in ourselves even for a few minutes.


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