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Joined 27 September 2017
Glaizel Cantos Brucal 30 APR 2019 AT 14:17

I don't think I deserve
a drunk confession.


Tell me when you're sober.
Free for collab.

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Glaizel Cantos Brucal 27 MAY 2018 AT 1:36

Being gay is not a choice,
it is something that lies within you.


Respect. Gender. Equality.
#yqbaba #yourquote

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Glaizel Cantos Brucal 10 MAY 2018 AT 6:55

We need to stop the stigma going around
about the mental health disorder. If there is something bothering you, you need to speak up, don't be afraid to seek help about your condition and people need to understand and support them instead of criticizing them about their mental health problem. The main reason why they try to hide their condition is because of those ignorant people who don't have a human decency to have an open mind understanding what a mental health problem is. Stop calling them by different kinds of hateful names, they only want to get better don't make them feel like they are a threat to society. Hear them, understand them, support them, help them, treat them with respect not with shame or fear because truth be told nowadays, suicide cause more deaths than disease.


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Glaizel Cantos Brucal 17 APR 2018 AT 10:25

When things get so great I tend to ruin it, before anyone else does it for me.


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Glaizel Cantos Brucal 16 MAR 2018 AT 16:31

I feel like life and I have a mutual feelings,
we both hate each other.


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Glaizel Cantos Brucal 18 FEB 2018 AT 14:09

I’m okay. I’m fine. I’m good. I’m alright. These are never a lie… if you add the word not in the middle of each phrase.


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Glaizel Cantos Brucal 17 FEB 2018 AT 16:58

He was special to me and I screwed him up. The second one is a gem to me but the guy screwed me up. I feel like you are so special to me too but I wonder, who will screw who?


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Glaizel Cantos Brucal 16 FEB 2018 AT 5:02

I feel like a black hole. Dark and empty.


Black Hole.
#dark #empty
#yqbaba #yourquote
Free to collab.

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Glaizel Cantos Brucal 14 FEB 2018 AT 11:32

The girl is special. The boy is special. They are both special. But not every special things are meant to be together.


Happy Valentines. Lol.
#yqbaba #yourquote

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Glaizel Cantos Brucal 14 FEB 2018 AT 11:23

All the words keep on flowing to my mind. But I just noticed, why are they all dark words? I guess they all came from my heart, which is ironic because I got an empty one.


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