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Artist, lover, writer, photoshop and blogger
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Artist, lover, writer, photoshop and blogger
Joined 20 December 2017
23 FEB 2021 AT 0:10

Sometimes I wander to put the exact definition of marriage. It is in itself holds a diversified meaning to someone who is into it with multifaceted experiences . I Find it something like a flickering gps signal that finally leads you to a dead end road , where there’s no detour, neither retreat nor respite from it. You are open to one option, get stuck there, Donno may be until infinity or wait for the Saviour to emerge to your rescue . Then again the question of requital will start creeping into your tale . Gradually you will feel the quick sand underneath you swollen feet that will gravitate you towards the marital mesh. This will continue in loop ... think before getting slayed!!!!


3 APR 2018 AT 20:32

Life is composed of several structures/units ( emotional or other abstract factors). These units are arranged in certain ways, are related and weaved to each other(the essence of happiness' cannot be understood unless you taste 'woe' and vise-versa).The meaning of life is not confined to any one of these units, but is the result of all units working together. If you misplace any of these structures, the entire essence of life will crumble down like the house of cards.


3 APR 2018 AT 18:19

Dislocating from
The muscular ore
you thrusted her
Heart into furnace
And let it ablaze
Least agnizing
Her relativity is resistant
To tarnishing,
Her blisters and burns
Find no room in the world
Where smoke tickles underneath the
Sheath of autumn hue,
Purity earned prospect
And Luster
is rewarded


3 APR 2018 AT 14:10

Wrinkles arrive when you travel down from Gangotri,
rumble and tumble,
toss and cross hindrances to kiss the mouth of the Bay,you almost covered the entire course of the river of Life. What's only left is to bleed your experience, and quench the ardent eyes of the readers, then only you are a successful narrator. Your lore is not your tale, but the tales of women who never toppled any floating stone, and successfully embarked to the shore, the shore of success.So do respect humans with wrinkles, they possess the pitcher of wisdom.


1 APR 2018 AT 22:58

Look at the beauty drops the lotus leaves cupped,
Bathing her eyes
In the silvery shimmer
Where thunder can only shaken the drops till the lips
Encounter the rolling Crystal
Scrolling down the
freezing terrain
emptying themselves
At the gulf of coral reds
To enrobe her naked breast
Clasping the warmth
And melt each drops to milk
Each driblets to ambrosia
Quenched by innocent tongue
Treasured by lips so young!


26 MAR 2018 AT 17:01

কথায় আছে 6 আর 9 ভাগ্য বয়।

আজকাল সংখ্যা দুটো তৃপ্তি ছাড়া আর কিছুই নয়।


26 MAR 2018 AT 15:42

Society forced her to create her own family,
She ran away As a girl, fearing the stigma and created these micro families. She can't be a biological mother, but she is the matriarch, she is the queen and the king, has several daughters. What does a cursed daughter want more? She won two families now, biological and societal. She is the possessor of the most strongest pillar, which Most of us lack.


10 MAR 2018 AT 19:12

Be a Lioness.
Be a danger even in your defeat.


8 MAR 2018 AT 20:02

Women aren't no less aware of it.
They know that this day will come once in a year
When the patriarchs turned hypocrites
Will try each and every way to soften their hearts
And find every possible word to
Gratify you
Lure you,
Deceive you
And finally gain your trust to
Make you pine in direful consequences.


7 MAR 2018 AT 19:55

Kill her in other way.
She is born out of Blood
And is already resistant to


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