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21 AUG AT 11:43

Love meets the destination.
Longing meets the eternity.


21 AUG AT 11:15

Rain drops write a poetry of mine.
Unsaid words, untold stories,
All the moments I have left behind.
Thus become a poetry of mine.
And I see my words, standing alone,
In the rain, beneath the sky.


13 AUG AT 11:20

Through the strokes
Of colours,
We inscribe
The untold stories
The unspoken emotions
On the canvas.


21 JUL AT 19:07

Woh pyar hi kya
Jo ankhoko mein
Khushi ki chamak dekh paaye
Par chupe huye pani ki
Boonde ko na dekh paye..

Woh pyar hi kya
Jo khushi ki samandar mein
Doob ne ko taiyar hai
Par doobti huyi kashti ko
Kinare par na le paye..

Woh pyar hi kya
Jo tumhara sath nibhana chahe
Par tumhari adhuri kahani ke
Panno par
Apna naam na likh paye..


21 JUL AT 15:44

Sometimes in life's journey alone, we meet a stranger who becomes a friend and holds the hand to walk together. Different destinations yet the road is same. Sometimes we find a momentary shelter in the verses, sometimes, we seek refuge in the realm of silence. And this way, we travel together in the journey of dreams. We frame the album of life, we sing the song of freedom. We take a pause from the journey called life, and reflect the blessings we count from heaven on earth. We bid adieu the momentary shelter, and start to journey ahead. Dreams are calling, we whisper, and turn to each other. We smile, and promise to the mountain afar, "We will be back here, to narrate you the story of our lives." The dusk is falling, we remind, and fall apart. The story is yet to be written by us. We remember..


21 JUL AT 14:59

Beads by beads,
With my heart's string,
I weave my life's musings.
With a hope to make,
Some day,
A garland of memories.
I leave it on the shore,
Of the river of life,
And walk ahead.
Thus I leave my stories,
Behind my footsteps..


13 JUN AT 10:30

Time flies in front of eyes,
Like a flowing river flows,
With memories floating in,
And we keep staring at it,
Thinking what the moment holds.


5 JUN AT 20:56

Darkness is the promise of light.


4 JUN AT 18:28

Dear Sister,
You are the only fairy tale I believe in now.


17 MAY AT 12:51

She is as raw as you. As outspoken as you. As real as you. She is bold, fearless and courageous. You love to shut her up, clip her wings. And she loves to be silent over this all.
But one thing you will never know. That sometimes the fire loves to be disguised as the ember. And the flame becomes the river of forgiveness. She can burn you
but she chose to shower
her forgiveness upon you.


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