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21 JAN AT 10:06

Sometimes I wish to go to the place where I will be like a carefree bird. There will be no internet, no Android, no social media, no social anxiety, no social isolation. There will be no stress, no depression. No race, no competition. No heartbreak, no expectation. Only, a pen, a diary and lots of books. With birds chirping around me, I will read the book of life, I will write the journal of hope, I will sing the song of love. Sunrise will be the time when I will awake to walk on the grass field in front of my home, sunset will be the time when I will be back from the playground. Mornings will be my singing time, lazy afternoons will be spent with reading myriad of tales. Of life, of hope. Evenings will be my lonely time when I will pen down my random thoughts. Without the hope that some day, there will be someone who will read this aloud. Nights. Nights will be sleepless, at that time, too. But with the thoughts of stars and magic and strangers and, love. The love that loves to be woven with the utmost delicacy of the heart. The love that loves to break all the barriers. The love that loves to be loved. I was dreaming of these all. Then I realized, the place is called, dream.


16 JAN AT 12:28


All the colours are dissolved in me,
And I become a blank canvas of the story.


15 JAN AT 9:31

Far away from these crowd,
These sounds, and these words,
Sometimes, I remember,

I have a home in my heart.


14 JAN AT 23:08

I have seen her.

Slowly, gently, unfurling herself.
Lifting the veil from her face,
Dancing in an ecstatic madness.
With the rhythm of love.

I have seen her,
Becoming an offering to love.


14 JAN AT 22:49

Sometimes, all you need is doing things like a rebel soul. Letting yourself fly, breaking barriers, carefree.
And silently watch the mystery unfolding.

In its own beautiful way.


5 JAN AT 10:16

Believing is magic.


4 JAN AT 18:05

What you truly deserve, one day, that will be yours. Certainly.


3 JAN AT 12:21

When you spread hope, love and smile in the world, there happens a magic.


2 JAN AT 19:10

Sometimes, returning to the root gives you the peace that you have been seeking for so long in everywhere.


2 JAN AT 18:54

Whatever be the length of the tunnel of darkness, there is always light at the end of it.
Just like this, whatever be the situation you are living in now, there is always hope.

Hope for love.
Hope for light.
Hope for life.

Hope for dreams.
Hope for breathe.
Hope for the sky.

Hope for you.
Hope for me.
Hope for being alive.


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