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empty miinds YESTERDAY AT 21:48

That's the life,
Facing all ups and down,
Sometimes happy,
Sometimes frown.
Its ok to show all you emotions,
Never regret what you had lost,
Just focus and keep the attention,
You will get what you love.


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empty miinds 18 APR AT 19:50

Just start any journey without any plans and its a promise that your experience will be totally bizaare in a positive way and at the end you will be a confident person with lots of good and bad experiences.


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empty miinds 18 APR AT 13:41

Collab challenge...

I really want a friend.....


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empty miinds 18 APR AT 13:16

Isn't it sometimes you wonder,
That you are totally alone,
You want someone to accompany you,
And sometimes you feel totally opposite,
You just want to be alone,
Want to cry so hard,
And decide to never talk to anyone,
But still you fail to maintain.
Its just that,
We want someone to love,
We just want someone to listen our pain,
Its just we cannot force anyone,
And there is no-one to blame.


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empty miinds 17 APR AT 22:15

Every day my day starts so quite,
I search for disturbance all my day,
Just feel so alone in my room,
Search something to do everyday.
But when someone talks to me, I ignore.
When someone cares about me, I run away.
Maybe I am little confused,
But still my heart seek for a best dude.


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empty miinds 15 APR AT 17:57

I promise, i will disappear from your life.
I promise, i will never worry you again.
Till then, just don't throw me away from yourself.
Its just the feelings that kills me everyday,
And make me confuse,
I love you so deeply that i will die,
And feeling of not getting loving back kills me.
All the tears, all the cries are now normal for me,
And i really want to end this one day,
So till then.... please keep me on your side.


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empty miinds 14 APR AT 22:14

Maybe we haven't got that good luck,
So its ok to get hurt,
It's killing inside to say goodbye to someone,
Without telling them how you exactly feel.
Maybe the emotions can't be expressed in words,
And all the pains you have got has no replacement with tears.


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empty miinds 11 APR AT 15:19

Life is so hard for few people,
Its just sometime aweful,
Thay cannot do anything,
You just can't imagine that feeling.


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empty miinds 10 APR AT 23:10

How to deal if, the person whom you have liked once appears everyday in front of your eyes??


#this_is _what_the_life

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empty miinds 5 APR AT 17:53

Just have some hope,
One day we will be successful,
One day we will be happy,
The result of all our hardwork,
Will be there in our hand,
As a reward to us.
We will have that smiling face,
Making our parents proud,
Keep doing the hard work,
And just be strong in all situations,
You will get many hurdles,
Never get discouraged,
And it a promise,
That I make,
You will definitely get the result,
Of all the wishes you have made.


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