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empty miinds 12 HOURS AGO

Struggle and hardwork,
Just like cement and concrete,
And dedication meanwhile is
Building a perfect layout,
Firmer you stand in your earlier days,
Stronger you will become day by day.


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empty miinds 6 JUN AT 15:53

Its ok to laugh after pain,
Be happy if no one is by your side,
Just do what's makes you happy,
They are no one to decide.
Its ok to be bad sometimes,
Its ok to wait for good times,
And at last if you get moments of happiness,
It is all results of your fight.


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empty miinds 5 JUN AT 14:53

Emotional connection should have
role of apostrophe (') in the relationship,
Not the role of comma(,).
Although both looks the same,
But, one extends the sentence,
And another separates it.


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empty miinds 28 MAY AT 22:22

I promise,
That I will always be there for you,
And trust me,
I mean my every word,
Because I know what the loneliness is...
And how badly we need someone by our side....


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empty miinds 28 MAY AT 20:05

If you have been alone,
And no one was there to hear you pain,
And everything you did had no results,
And in your life happiness had no fain.
And now when you are dissolved in your thoughts,
Having much regrets of the past,
Living the life like counting the days,
Happiness is short-lived and destiny's pace,
Broken you and your confidence bit by bit,
You had sevived everything and evry hit,
Now that you are at peace with no grace,
After so much difficulties and hardwork,
you are standing at you good days,
Just keep smiling and be good,
God is doing now everything and all that he should.


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empty miinds 23 MAY AT 19:55

Searching for happiness,
And supporting others,
Being helpful,
But unlucky in love,
And bearing all the heartbreaks,
And dreaming about future,
Hesitating to love,
But still having a crush,
That's a small story,
But it changed a sudden,
When everything which was mine,
Got separated from me.
When I got the price,
Of all my loyalty,
Towards the god
And almighty.
Now I talk a less,
And cry more,
But still have a hope,
That one day,
Everything will be fine.


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empty miinds 15 MAY AT 21:37

Just love yourself,
And never be sad,
Keep trust on God,
And your pain will be healed.


Love yourself
YourQuote Baba

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empty miinds 12 MAY AT 21:03

If you getting a chance to achieve something,
Just go and get that,
Keep you priorities high,
And convert your career into your aim,
Because chance is only granted once.


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empty miinds 12 MAY AT 16:25

How can you describe,
How selflessly a person can love,
Care for you everyday,
And being responsible for you,
And also for your life,
since your first breath,
And standing for you,
Till their last breath,
I can describe this,
Simply saying that,
And you are great.
Love you maa.


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empty miinds 12 MAY AT 16:18

I just pray to God,
To give everyone a reason to love,
So that all the hate could be balanced.
To give everyone reason to live,
So that people care more about living.
To give everyone reason to believe,
So that faith in a soul never dies.
And also to give a kind heart,
So that people live each other.
I just pray to god,
To help those all,
To whome the life has tore apart.


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