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Joined 7 January 2017
Divya P.S. Rawat 14 APR AT 20:27

I can feel your love in your silence,
in every word you utter,
in every feeling that left unsaid,
in your every heartbeat,
in your every action,
Yes... that unconditional love
in your eyes, I can see

but how I wish...
that love was for me.


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Divya P.S. Rawat 5 APR AT 21:38

उथला ही सही दरिया-ए-दिल मेरा
इक बार डूब कर तो देख...फिर मिले किनारे तो कहना


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Divya P.S. Rawat 26 MAR AT 21:51

'I love you.' Saying this,
once again, he confessed his love for me.

'I love you too.' Saying this,
once again, I too surrendered to his lies.


Once again........ 💔

#YQbaba #YQdidi #love #lovequotes #lies

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Divya P.S. Rawat 15 MAR AT 21:41

गलती इश़्क में अपनी बस इतनी रही...
हमने सोचा जो किस्मत में है मिल जाएगा
पर मालूम ना था...दौर आजकल छीना झपटी का है...


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Divya P.S. Rawat 5 MAR AT 21:26

Don't know
whether it's love or
something else...

But I always find you there
tied to every thought of mine
whenever I think of love...


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Divya P.S. Rawat 23 FEB AT 23:16

In these cold dark nights,
A part of mine still feels
the warmth of your touch,
where your hands
never visited me...


❤the connection between our souls❤
#YQbaba #YQdidi #love #lovequotes #touch

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Divya P.S. Rawat 5 FEB AT 21:52

दिल के ही दुश्मन से... दिल कुछ यूं मोहब्बत कर चला है
मानो बैठ कश्ती में खुद खिवैया... कश्ती डुबोने चला है


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Divya P.S. Rawat 1 FEB AT 19:58

They say
Love is Love.

Then why
when you loved me,
I felt so alive,

Then why
when somebody else
loves me now,
I can't even feel
my existence.


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Divya P.S. Rawat 28 JAN AT 11:23

खुलते ही आंखें,
ज़हन में बस एक ही सवाल
परेशान करता है...
दे बैठी हूं दिल, जाने अनजाने जिसे,
क्या वो शख़्स भी मुझसे
उतना ही प्यार करता है...


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Divya P.S. Rawat 12 JAN AT 21:39

I don't know
what is life,
but all I know is
your absence
in my life
makes me feel dead.

-Mostofa Kamal


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