Divya P.S. Rawat (Divya P.S. Rawat)

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Divya P.S. Rawat 5 FEB AT 21:52

दिल के ही दुश्मन से... दिल कुछ यूं मोहब्बत कर चला है
मानो बैठ कश्ती में खुद खिवैया... कश्ती डुबोने चला है


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Divya P.S. Rawat 1 FEB AT 19:58

They say
Love is Love.

Then why
when you loved me,
I felt so alive,

Then why
when somebody else
loves me now,
I can't even feel
my existence.


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Divya P.S. Rawat 28 JAN AT 11:23

खुलते ही आंखें,
ज़हन में बस एक ही सवाल
परेशान करता है...
दे बैठी हूं दिल, जाने अनजाने जिसे,
क्या वो शख़्स भी मुझसे
उतना ही प्यार करता है...


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Divya P.S. Rawat 12 JAN AT 21:39

I don't know
what is life,
but all I know is
your absence
in my life
makes me feel dead.

-Mostofa Kamal


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Divya P.S. Rawat 11 JAN AT 23:29

Of all the kisses,
the sweetest was the one
that never happened.
The sweetness still lingers
in my memories...


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Divya P.S. Rawat 5 JAN AT 21:34

You can wait for them..
But if they don't come back
it doesn't always mean
their love wasn't true...
Maybe your love wasn't true enough
to make them come back to you.


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Divya P.S. Rawat 2 JAN AT 21:54

only if
I had occupied
that much space
in your heart
as I do
in your memories...


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Divya P.S. Rawat 24 DEC 2018 AT 21:30

प्यासी रूह ने मेरी... तेरे इश़्क का जाम पी लिया
बनके दिसंबर बाहों में तेरी... मैंने जनवरी जी लिया


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Divya P.S. Rawat 17 DEC 2018 AT 0:00

It’s such a special day
You'll be celebrating your b'day
Your friends and family
will shower you with gifts
I, too, am sending you warm wishes
May happiness & joy
Never ever leave your side
Always adorn your lips, a smile so wide
May success always kiss your feet
Your stars even in the dark
Never concede defeat
May your health & wealth
Grow manifold
No matter how long
You stay young or turn old
May goddess Swarswati guide your pen
Your words become a boon
Among the star writers,
you shine like a moon
And above all this, for you, I truly wish
As all your dreams & desires come true
May this year,
true love that you really deserve,
itself find you
May your night and day
bask in love that's long overdue
With all these heartiest wishes
I wanna say
A very very happy birthday to you.


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Divya P.S. Rawat 13 DEC 2018 AT 21:42

वो बहके से जज़्बात... कुछ अनकही सी बात
बहुत याद आती है तुम संग गुजारी... वो दिसंबर की एक रात


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