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There​ was no one 
When I wanted to hear 
some sound.

Each "I care for you" and 
"I will be there for you" 
were lost somewhere in crowd. 

(Alone but fabulous)

No wonder why people say, you just think about yourself, a liitle selfish you are.😂 ---------- But it wasn't my mistake, silence made me fall in love with myself and that's completely fine.✨ ----------- Should I ask you, why you didn't kept your promises? But no I won't, I am a change person now, I don't need any explanation for the thing which indirectly made me realized that I am there for me, I love me, I care for me, I respect me, and I am important to myself.♥️🌹 . . #yqbaba #yqbhaijaan #yqdidi #yqtales #writersofinstagram #yopowrimo

11 NOV AT 12:25

I slept, nightmare awoke.
Little did they allowed me to sleep that night or every night?
I opened my eyes, saw everything around was at right place, but my brain wasn't.
I was so shattered inside, looked awful outside.
I just felt that my Heart skipped a beat, what if it stopped beating?
I so wanted to die,
But I wanna live, I wanna breathe.
To whom should I say this?
They can console me, but they can't discern.

These nightmares would never allow me to breathe but what if coma or amnesia occurs? 
But what if even these two won't allow me to get rid of such nightmares and these dreadful thoughts in my mind? 

Just then I realized,
Did he raped only my body or mind too?

Whatever it be but actually he raped my whole life.

(Diary of a raped victim)

Ever imagined? How hard life is? when someone just come and exploit your whole life intentionally. In your case it may be friendship, love but in some its even more worst. Yes I am talking about rape and a rape victim. We never understand their pain, how much they suffer. Isn't it? But yes we and our society can help by taking her out from that pain, try, try harder! We are here for Peace and for making this world a better place to live.♥️🌹 #yqbaba #yqbhaijaan #yqdidi #yqtales #writersofinstagram #writersofindia #sad #rapevictim

8 NOV AT 23:46