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Joined 28 April 2020
15 SEP AT 20:46

I craved for being loved the moment I saw you- sweeping your wispy bangs up into a high chignon; olive-complexioned face with sleek chin; large eyes having neotenous feature, my heart skipped a beat. Adrenaline spung through me, sub-consious mind began intertwining plethora of thoughts plaited like a web; blood quicken. Sorry to say, but I was spell-bound to elaborate my feelings....u r the one....I beg earnestly for.....


20 JUN AT 8:09

Today's night instils -
It instills, there is a hope resides somewhere. Of course, it is getting dark tonight but it wants us to use of our instincts to improve vision even if our pupil doesn't stretch like animals. It instils to get better to build a strong perspective so that you need not to search for a ray of light which makes you feel better. It instills, be better, far-sighted that you don't have wait for that hope. It instills, don't take me wrong. You will never have chance of seeing stars, and the tenderness moon hovering over the sky in daylight. I know you called me 'night' but I have engulfed some beautiful visions. I instill you to change your perspective. You will find hope even if I shall prevail.


30 MAY AT 8:28

Light me up like a Deepak. Wishing sunrise brings a new hope and a predefined way with it,
So I would light up like a Deepak. Wishing sunrise would be a reason of my achievements. So I would light up like DēēpãK.

Wishing today's ⛅ teaches me a life lesson for pushing me up to the edges. I would thank you for giving me a ray of hope and making me understand that there will always be sunrise after the sunset to light up myself like a Deepak.


29 MAY AT 22:06

It makes you believe that you would be incomparable to others when you will be reaching at that much height.
It makes you believe that u 2 be indivertible like me. It makes me believe that whatever the worst situations will be, I have to face it with firm determination.
It makes us believe that u must have perseverance and consistency to be indivertible. You would be a symbol of incompatibility to the others living and non-living living things.


5 MAY AT 15:12

To whom the name 'Deepak' is assigned is not the actual 'Deepak'. Deepak is whom "having the ability" to -

1- converge myriad thoughts into a specific envision.

2- to diverge a specific envision into different considerations i.e., having the properties of convergence n Divergence like a ray of light.
3- to introspect and assimilate oneself, and obviate hallucinations. finally, light up the space enclosed with dark.

4- be able to revive those dreams that have never been given a specific shape.


3 MAY AT 8:24

I know who u r.

Of course, u r my determined fate,
A meteorite of that infinite loop beyond Andromeda galaxy,
Whatever you r, but very special envision of those visionary dreams,
Rain after a long drought,
Drowning man clutch in a straw,
Beloved one as an angel,
one's own shadow,
Apple of my eye, eventually,
Predetermined true envision of 'conscious mind'


3 MAY AT 7:38

Who u r.why r u with me.

Maybe, one of the characters of those visionary dreams,
Decisiveness of subconscious mind,
A predetermined fortune,
Not to make me realize loneliness,
To push me out to the edge where I had to be, as of now
To guide me throughout this very journey to make me successful one,
A reverie in which ur presence is phantasmal having not any physical reality,
Going to be a part of my life forever till the last breath.


30 APR AT 20:34

Where would I have been?

Where would I have been if you are not with me, where would I have been if you are not with me?
You made me remember, only you made me remember that you are with me.
Where would I have been, where I would have been if you aren’t with me?

Could have been that life would have abashed to those visionary thoughts,
Would suppose that you are mere a valetudinarianism of my subconscious mind.
Just like that I have seen you in my dream,
Where would I have been, where I would have been.
Perhaps, lost in the sweet memories of that dream thinking this of being real,
Woke up masquerading over those momentary thoughts,
Where would I have been, where I would have been.
You have feathered those visionary thoughts of mine,
You have made me remember that you have been created for a good cause,
So stand up, stand up. Let’s make those saved visionary dreams real,
Where would I have been, where I would have been.
Life has just passed away in yours’ reminiscence,

Where would I have been, if not here then where would I have been?


28 APR AT 10:28

Sometimes alone. It makes u realize that u have weak points where u can't stand out and if u want to recognise urself in this very crowd of people, you have to keep working hard and face challenges no matter how long it takes. It makes u realize that one day will come when u will be separated out and feel desperate. So be prepared for that day and tell them that u r yourself strong enough to standout.


28 APR AT 9:49

“Seasons will passes as they always, but the life doesn't because it's not season like February comes after January, it is the days of ur performing art to be architectured accordingly otherwise, it will let u down the spine.”


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