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22 NOV 2017 AT 10:32

*Don't treat people as bad as they are. Treat them as good as you are.*


20 NOV 2017 AT 14:48

Fly as #High as you can
but never forget to come back to the Origin


18 NOV 2017 AT 10:02


It's been since how long you virtually saw this tiny creature digging the earth and building a soil body just not to satisfy its hunger but nourishes Mother Earth 🌏 in return.
There were days when these Earthworms were not just abundant but were in plenty to recycle stale souls naturally bringing out fertility for those days farmers to get a natural best "Organic Food Harvest".
It's never too late even to start a habit....just let's STOP using chemicals in form of Soil nutrients or Pesticides to further make them EXTINCT.
The way I perceive myself I am sure I will always try to convince you to care for self & care for our Mother Earth.
Stop naming and blaming....let's try this time with an honest heart to love & Care...


16 NOV 2017 AT 10:01

~V stands for Violet..... #Photography-a-Poetic-Journey~

I use a #tagline”Photography a poetic journey”
And it has a reason....It touches the chord of one's heart.The way a poet senses the beauty,pain,happiness,unison as well as separation and gives a vivid picture through his/her words/verses in the very same way I try to click my shots/pictures to give every onlooker the same feel without any articulation. I am sure it possesses the power to create music in you to hear the striking vision for the eye and healing the fragmented soul. Rather it's a poem in each shot.

Its a click I captured during my USA journey from Ann Arbour in Michigan state.

Let's sing and dance to the tune of Nature



15 NOV 2017 AT 9:58

Change does not happen when circumstances improve. Change happens when u decide to improve your circumstances.


13 NOV 2017 AT 13:56

सागर केह लो या फिर समुन्दर
क्या फ़र्क़ पड़ता है
है तो ये दरिया के कई नाम
दिल दरिया जैसी होनी चाहिए
कितनो के ग़म कितनो की खुशी
क्या पता किश किश की दिल की अरमानो को कहाँ समेट के रखे हो
तुम तो हो ही कुछ अलग थलग
तुम दरिया तुम दरिया



13 NOV 2017 AT 8:26

It’s your perception only
Otherwise everything is so Beautiful all around Us.....


12 NOV 2017 AT 11:56

B-A-N-G-L-E-S चूड़ियाँ

Indian women in most wear these glass Bangles as a beauty aid and ornament making them pretty.
Glass bangles are always a sign of beauty & a sign of marital bliss.Glass bangles with its tinkling sound and sparkling colours can arouse a poet in you I am sure.


12 NOV 2017 AT 11:51

I am a simple hearted loving & caring Man
Don’t ignite the Wildness in Me to make Me what I am not....


12 NOV 2017 AT 8:15

“Life can give us a number of Beautiful Friends!”
“Only True Friends can give us a Beautiful Life…"


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