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21 FEB 2018 AT 22:10

Has Don Quixote finally met his Cinderella?
A Midsummer Nights Dream,
this Rite of Spring
Around the Swan Lake.
Her long Giselle neck,
Was a Temple Dancer,
On the front of his mind.
Could this Romeo and
Juliet romance last?
She's Sleeping Beauty?
Or is she just a


20 FEB 2018 AT 1:05

The crash left me in a deep depression. Lone. This cold planet shows no sign of mercy. Razor walls of ice trap me on this summit. Communication issues? More than a few. This beacon, might be my last hope, I'm not sure how long my light can last. Praying someone finds me. I'm dying.


18 FEB 2018 AT 11:28

Cars, or as I'd like to call them....


18 FEB 2018 AT 10:46

Do you see her? She lights up my universe. Love she lovingly leaves bewildering waves of luscious light through fractal prisms. Her aura forms a mist that engulfs lungs and catches my tongue, but sends my mind reeling. Exasperated. Do you see her? Because, I've heard her laugh.


17 FEB 2018 AT 10:14

She comes to me at night,
In my dreams.
Her cold hands,
Have a way of warming my heart.
Teeth that shine like the moon.
Distinct cheek bones,
Distinguished chin.
Her eyes.
Her eyes are hidden behind her cowl.
Hidden for her protection,
And mine.


16 FEB 2018 AT 3:17

I think this is the final, just a mid term,
To retest things I should have learned.
The biggest part of my frustration,
When Miss Take fucks me, is it masturbation?
I am still alive, here I stand.
What's the next lesson she’s planned.
If you listened, I hope you agree,
By now I have earned my degree.
After all the things that Ms Take took,
I kept my positive outlook.
Now I am older, wiser, grey-er,
I never claimed to be a player.
But to the top is where I still aim.
Got the best instructor of life's game.
Without her where would I be now?
Maybe less wrinkled above my brow?
Tears and scars prove that I'm livin'.
But, can I ever be forgiven?


16 FEB 2018 AT 3:16

Stumbling out of fancy bars.
Mis-trusting friends or crashing cars,
Not saying "No".  Failing a class.
Rushing just to bust my ass.
Neglecting my love, or telling lies,
Hiding my feelings, smile disguise.
Waking in a stranger's bed,
Not thinking I was wrong for what I said.
Starting and then dropping out,
Because, I knew what life was all about!
Seeing a mirror thinking "I'm all that."
Eating too much sugar, salt and fat.
No condolences when wife was a Rick, wreck.
No "Alt-F7" to run spell check,
I've burnt myself, and others too.
Even tried my foot in the other shoe.
She is such a disastrous flirt.
Each lesson smarts. They really hurt.
My tutor always seems to be bent,
On spending my last single cent.


16 FEB 2018 AT 3:10

Thanks to Miss Take.

Can I tell you about my favorite teacher?
More than mom and dad or any preacher.
Now ladies this ain't misogyny,
Known the educator since I was 3.
Her guidance has been heaven sent,
Rest assured, no "Accident”
You have your diploma? that's cute.
But for me there is no substitute.
Painfully honest, but never fake,
The lessons I've learned from Ms Take.
It's true she sounds like a deceiver,
I'll attempt to make you a believer.
For every session she's taught me,
Helped consecrate my empathy.



13 FEB 2018 AT 9:32

Pea soup gave me a stir,
Under this fog,
My past is hazy.
Sticks, shadows, silhouettes.
Under the fog,
I stirred through pea soup
Haze has passed
Although a little blurred
My reflection
Is clear


11 FEB 2018 AT 0:40

I am a shell. Just half of what I was. Why am I here? Did I serve my purpose? Will my memories be prized? Will I forever be just a few tiny lines that fit in your hand? Found and loved for a moment and then lost forgotten forever to the sea.


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