CA Tanvi Chandra TanShambs 25 FEB AT 3:00

"...No, I don't want a relationship with you. I want something nameless. I want to be someone you could fall back on when you lose everything.
But hey, I have expectations, not of you gifting me diamonds, but a smile that tells me we are still friends. I have expectations, not of being your first choice, but I can't be the last.
I want you to be there, just like I am there for you. A shadow, maybe, who is so much a part and parcel of you that it mimics everything you do.
I want to stand in the corner of the room and see you smile when everyone is cheering you on and leave even before the party is over. And I want you to meet me at a place no one knows about and celebrate life, without the usual drama of people you surround yourself with.
I want you to spend a night with me, where you tell me what you are, angel or demon, ask me to be with you in either case, and I want you to sleep on my lap while listening to the songs we used to send each other without explaining why.
I want something nameless, something blameless, something like this..."

- Tanshambs

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