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Bharath Nandibhatla (Landlocked Sailor)

Loves wordplay and is obsessed with puns. (Quite a sickening obsession) As a landlocked sailor, tides are my turf. Writing is catharsis when in crisis. A deep passion, every other time. Most of my works are fiction. Please don't ping me asking if I'm fine. :/ P.S.: Here's the link to my interview, if you wanna know me better:

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Speak and I shall be born.
Let go and I shall linger on.
Longer shall I stay,
than what you say!

When nobody else does,
trust me to get back to you.
It's only after you let go,
can you hear me, your echo!

Follow you, I shall. Like your shadow. Darker, I'm not. Longer, I shall linger. #Echoes #Reverb

13 DEC AT 18:43

Ah, it's beautiful!
Like the way poets write about it.
Like a candle burning from both ends,
enlightening as it melts into nothing.

(Full poem in caption.. )

//Painorama ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello there! Greetings to you all, from the other side of the universe. That side of the universe that never saw pain. Or bloodshed, or slavery, or prostitution. We don't have men fighting wars that lead to no winners, but survivors. We don't have men enslaving men, or chains that shackle their souls. We don't have men making love to women, who've been long dead from the inside. We heard a lot about your side of the universe. And Gosh, no! We'd rather not pay a visit. So, tell us, how does it feel like, pain? Does it hurt you to the bone? Or even deeper? Enlighten us, please. ----------------------- Hey you! Warm wishes! From this side of the universe. Yes, we do have all sorts of men. But, you popped an interesting question. Pain! Ah, it's beautiful! Like the way poets write about it. Like a candle burning from both ends, enlightening as it melts into nothing. There are shadows we see every day, and that only reminds us of sunshine. We have sunshine, and hence the shadows. A peaceful coexistence, we love it. Pain! Turns our hearts into stone. For someone to sculpt masterpieces out of it. Stones that tremble once in a while. A landslide, or a tremor, mostly due to love. We do break each other's hearts, mostly into masterpieces. There's pain! Yes! And there's fear. And you know, what we fear? We fear the day we don't feel pain. That'll be the day we're numb, and lifeless like a corpse. So, you from the other side of the universe, come, pay a visit. Because, beyond the barricade, there's a world you wish to see. We'll teach you pain, in all its beauty. You teach our men what it takes to be men, and not a menace. Deal? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ P.S.: I performed this at the recent YQ open mic. held at NIT Durgapur. Shall post the video link in the comments if you wish to watch it. :) Thanks for dropping by.

10 DEC AT 12:17

Here's one right question,
after a series of wrongs:
"Why does it take a woman
to call a man, a gentleman?"

I am a man. 
I've been a victim. #MeToo
I am a man.
I can't answer that.
The world dictates,
I need a woman to answer that.

It's half hour past International Men's day. Posting now, because ALL men are beasts when it's dark. #Men #MeToo

20 NOV AT 0:32