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Bharath Nandibhatla (Landlocked Sailor)

Loves wordplay and is obsessed with puns. (Quite a sickening obsession) Writing is catharsis when in crisis. A deep passion, every other time. Most of my works are fiction. Please don't ping me asking if I'm fine. :/

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You've always been the spacy kind,
wanting your own room of thought,
standing on your own feet,
standing up for your dreams,
never the one to settle, the Sherbatsky!
You've been Robin' hearts being You.

But again, you've always been 
the one to fight for your man,
the one to 'smell the poop',
the one to love someone
with all your heart and soul.
You've been a Lily, putting up 
with a Marshall and his fetish for puns.

As I begin to think of it,
you've always been 
all rolled into one.

2. #AllInOne Check the handle for the series. I wish this is how I tell my kids about how I met their mother.


I often think of you 
as Master Oogway.
You are wise like him,
and yet spend your tough days
inside your tougher shell.

But again, I think of you
as Po, the Panda.
Those dark circles 
under your eyes,
(love bites from late
night conversations)
your belief in you,
the one secret ingredient,
that makes you 
a lot more lovable.

As I begin to think of it,
you've always been
all rolled into one.

1. #AllInOne Starting a new series. Keep checking the handle for more in the days to come.



#videoquote #appopenmic One of my most favourite poems in the recent times. Hope you like it. *--*--*--*--* Your glowing skin, like the summer sunshine, makes it tougher for the sunflowers, as you walk past them every morning. They face not the sun, you instead. Your wet red lips, like the dewy roses, make it tougher for men lost in love, as you walk into their lives with every beat. They can't woo a rose with a rose, can they! Your radiant smile, like the crescent moon, makes it tougher for wolves, to wait until it's full moon to howl away their love. Your jet black eyes, like the night sky, make it easier for me to spot those stars your eyes try to hide. Oh, your mercy dwarfs me. Your grace humbles me. But, Your Majesty, what of the tornadoes you confine to your soul? I see thunderstorms between your brows, lightning in your eyes. With the universe inside you, why conceal the catastrophe? Rain over me, cry me a river, for I'm a sailor landlocked for far too long now. *--*--*--*--*

17 MAR AT 23:44

Spent all her life looking for 
birds of the same feather,
so she could flock together.

Never came to her mind
that she was one of a kind.

You like her because there's none like her? Maybe.

15 MAR AT 18:35

Walking over galaxies,
diving into blackholes,
all from a wheel chair.

Travelling back in time,
demystifying a baby universe,
and yet staying ahead of his times.

For someone studying heavenly bodies,
he'd never believe in an afterlife.
He is a paradox, like the universe.

Unlike the Pi, he is rational.
And like the Pi, he is infinite.
And he bids a good bye to finite realms,
on an infinite day, the Pi Day!

To Stephen Hawking! To the theory of everything! To a brief history and an infinite future.

14 MAR AT 22:46

Who said the lame
and the crippled 
can't walk?

Lame and crippled souls
walk over me all the time.

When I expect them to walk beside me, always.

14 MAR AT 10:16

Finding familiar shapes
in fleecy cotton clouds,
on a clear blue sky,
I weave my dreams
with cotton yarns.

Sadly enough,
these clouds melt
into torrential rains,
and my dreams melt 
into unshed tears.

In my not so distant future,
lie my ever so distant dreams.
In my daunting past,
lurk my haunting screams.

Rain washing my dreams away. Rain silencing my screams away.

10 MAR AT 14:00