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Avinash Avie Joshi 

"Sometime having a paper and a pen is sufficient to express your feeling" Capricorn , love to be in her memories , Took step to dance not to walk Write to improve myself not to proove myself


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He want to grow old with his grandparents ,
He realised they are old actually ,
He want to live with them forever,
He realised they have to live with many,
He want to call them daily,
He realised he haven't that much of guts ,
He won't cry in phone ,
He realised he can't hold his tears actually .

Grand parents are life we love them but our feelings fail to express

20 JUN AT 1:11

Hum jyo hain vo hamesha se hume rokte aya hain,
Hum jyo ban rahe hain vo hamesha se hume dhakelte aya hain ,
Hum jyo banna chahte hain vo hamesha se hume uthate aya hain.

Push yourself for no reason is the biggest reason to be at top 😎

20 JUN AT 0:37

Let's do something new they chorus in group,
       They started recalling the old memories 
         It was'nt the first time ,
 But they lived each moment in a new way.

Old memories are new if you try to recall it

14 JUN AT 12:52